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See, that sounds awesome. However, my company uses Google Hangouts exclusively for our weekly business meeting (owing to everyone being remote), but we can't afford the price tag of the Chromebox.

If there was a cheaper (order of magnitude cheaper) version, we'd be interested.

$1000 for VC equipment is dirt cheap. I know Cisco's solution costs on the order of $15k/set: http://www.videoconferencingsupply.com/Cisco-TelePresence-s/...

So even if you can't afford it, many, many more people will be able to afford video conferencing with a price less than 10% that of standard solutions.

The Chromebox is significantly cheaper than other enterprise VC solutions ($10k+ with steep annual fees). For those customers, I think the Chromebox is really compelling as it is a much better user experience.

This is a FAT market. Company I used to work for used a top of the line German VC vendor. €1000/hr was the rate to use those boxes. This is a steal for the enterprise market.

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