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Minor point, but note that video with >2 people on Skype requires a premium account ($10/month). I'm not sure if you also need a subscription to Xbox Live ($50/year/Xbox).

Sure, but Chromebox requires $20.83/month for its service, and with Skype, you have the option of buying a day-pass for $4.99 if you only use the service occasionally.

sure, but even without Chromebox, Hangouts is still a pretty good offer. A few friends and I are working abroad (in the US, Canada and UK), and we keep in touch at scheduled times on Hangouts. Chromebox is not really meant for individual consumers, but Skype's proposition also loses out to Hangouts there when I need to have credits or a premium account to talk to more than one person.

Of course, it's also a matter of business models and how each company earns its revenue. However as the end user, "free" is better than $x/month

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