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> Need to meet with a customer who doesn’t use Chromebox for meetings? That’s easy too—all they need is a Gmail account.

This would be amazing, except no partner or customer our company works with has a gmail account. I have used quite a few different solutions, and while none of them wow me, the one thing all of them did was work for everyone.

For this to become a viable solution for this market it will need to include non-gmail users.

I have gmail personal gmail account but I will absolutely not use it for business purposes. It's just unprofessional to ask everyone to log in into gmail.

It is any different than asking everybody to log in to Skype?

It is definitely preferable to asking somebody to drop tens or hundreds of thousands on other enterprise virtual conferencing solutions.

Like accepting a shared password?

That seems to be the easiest scheme to implement. Most other systems will spin up a unique hyperlink and a require a passcode. By building in something that simple, Google could really have a winner on their hands with this.

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