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Hopefully this price point and target audience is just the beginning (a la Tesla?).

I'd love for it to be simpler for me to arrange Hangouts in my living room, and for now I deal with doing it through an HTPC.... but I'm absolutely not interested in paying what they're charging here. So I hope eventually they introduce a cheaper consumer targeted device.

(edit: here's hoping the next Chromecast has a way to hook up a webcam...)

It definitely looks like this is "enterprise pricing" at the moment (there's a "contact sales" instead of a "buy" button and all), and for that it seems pretty cheap.

Regarding your desire for the Chromecast to have a webcam hookup - one factor that might play into why it doesn't is that in general encoding video is somewhat more computationally expensive than decoding it.

Just have an ASIC do it. No need for a general purpose processor.

Especially since they probably already have a hardware h264 decoder, which is part of the reason decoding is so much faster.

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