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A slap in the face indeed, but not in the way it's presented. I admire the Indian people, and what prompted me to respond here were the comments below that article more than the article itself.

They were what I expected to find, "We are pathetic, we are whiners, we are losers.". I used to think the same about my country. Until I realized that decades and centuries of exploitation at the hands of malicious outside forces are what brought us to it. And then it became obvious it was not our fault.

I suggest reading "Das Kapital" or even "Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism". Hopefully it will help you realize why and how are other nations collecting your intellectual and other assets.

Yeah that sounds about right for a Marxist: "It's all those evil OTHER PEOPLE's fault that we suck! Trust us, it'll be a lot better after the revolution"

Well, unless there are other countries literally wiling to invade yours if you don't let them exploit you, that exploitation is your (colective) fault, and your people are the ones capable of stopping it. If that's the case, just accept that it's up to you to make a better place, and act acordingly.

Now, if there are other countries with guns pointed your way, well, people from India can tell you better about that than I can.

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