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There is an implicit assumption that he was chosen because he is brilliant. Shouldn't we wait for a couple of months at least?

Irrespective of his performance as CEO, his past performance has been brilliant, otherwise MSFT wouldn't have promoted him to vice president of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group. The point raised in article is still valid. I am from India and I know we don't value time, become lazy in our own country. However we become punctual and productive in western countries. Strange but true.

that's not so much an Indian thing as it is a not-America, and more specifically not-east-coast-America, thing. Of all the places I have traveled[1], there are few people who are as work oriented, punctual, and surly if you are not, then mid-Atlantic region Americans.

Take that for whatever you want. It can be a problem if you are just trying to have a weekend. We don't know how to leave work at work most of the time. But I very much appreciate being serious and focusing on work during regular work hours. one of those big factors that makes most of the places I travel to "nice to visit, but wouldn't want to live there".

[1] and granted I haven't traveled every where. I understand Japanese salesmen are like this, too.

usually CXO level people ARE chosen because they have displayed a modicum of brilliance at something... It isn't exactly a lottery system. Plus - you can already look at what he's done with the Azure platform.

That makes another assumption that everything is being done in company's best interests, not individual people's interests. A lot of brilliant people has been let go because they had a conflicting vision. Is being more conservative a sign of brilliance? Also Azure is run by Scott Guthrie, but it could also be attributed to Steve Ballmer since he was the CEO when it started.

yes thats how businesses work - things are meant to be done in a company's best interests - that is also why companies have a board of directors. Furthermore - I cant see how this was in some particular individuals interest. Nor has anything Nadella said or done yet given me the impression that this has anything to do with conservatism. IF you are commenting based on some knowledge that isnt public - thats a different thing. Nadella headed the Cloud and Enterprise division of which Azure is one piece. Azure may have been started when Ballmer was CEO - but he was not running it - a CEO makes larger scale executive decisions.. Nadella was in charge of making it get to where it got in terms of revenues and profitability.

It isn't exactly a lottery system, but it is very heavily influenced by one's network, and "life's lottery" rules apply to that at least as much as a person's own efforts. The Tech world is emphatically not the meritocracy some think it is.

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