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I don't understand. Are you arguing that Fox News should be regulated? I'm not. There's no large information asymmetry there, as surely those who can pay $10,000+ for an advertisement know what they are getting into. (You as the viewer are not the customer.)

Or are you arguing that nothing should be regulated?

If the clothes you bought from Wal-Mart violated consumer protection regulations, then sue them. If you think there should be laws in place, then talk to your legislative representatives.

(Edit: Wal-Mart is subject to OSHA, the FSA issues food product regulations, its money order business is regulated by the FDIC, and so on. You confuse, I think, "some regulation" with "completely regulated.")

There's a long history behind the reason for regulations, stretching back to the muck racking journalism of the 1800s. Do you disagree with all of it?

And I really don't understand your "dog fashion standards" issue. Where's the information asymmetry? Where's the time lag which can be exploited by unscrupulous dog hair dressers?

The lag doesn't matter, the value of anything depends on how much the sellers can charge for it and still be able to sell it.

This regulation or no regulation? It would be like asking if I like women with big eyes or women with no eyes; of course there is a middle ground but this is erring on the wrong side by a lot.

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