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When the story first hit Venture Beat I stuck to reading what the BPPE actually said, and then I checked out the website to try and dig up the regulations.

Unless someone has information I haven't been able to dig up "crack down" just means that they've been requested to comply. BPPE decided that these sorts of programs are under their purview and so they need to cough up some amount of cash and submit some paperwork.

Quotations in the Venture Beat article very clearly state BPPE are not going after them, just notifying them of their need to comply under California law.

So much polemic either on government regulation or on the merits of these programs. BPPE places schools into either "approved" or "accredited" categories. These programs need only be approved. As far as I can tell BPPE is fairly minimal in its requirements basically ensuring the schools are real things and not diploma mills.

This isn't anywhere as much of a crackdown as CPUC making it harder for ride-shares (for a bit). Discussion of the programs makes sense, but in the context of an imagined witch hunt it just seems strange.

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