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Ask HN: What are you working on and why is it cool? (February 2014)
88 points by cjbarber on Feb 3, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 112 comments
This thread was fantastic.



If you're a dev, want to play with Ember, Angular or Meteor an are interested in working on a bitcoin related web project, email me: chris.barber@alumni.stanford.edu (also email me if you are already working on a bitcoin project :)

I am helping people to realize that life could be much more than this meaningless competition for so-called "success" fueled by greed, pride and exhibitionist consumption.)

I am high altitude trekking instructor and cultural guide for Himalayan region (Tibet, Nepal, North India). I provide no-nonsense introduction to Buddhist and Hindu philosophy, ancient, "primitive" ritual-based religions, tribal culture and traditions.

I am helping ex-addicts, like myself, to almost undo the accumulated damage and to rebuild themselves from within, by educating them in Eastern tradition of self-knowledge (our nature without religious nonsense).

I am also advocating "old-school" understanding-based approach to programming, as opposed to copy-paste-based modern coding.

Check out Yunnan.


It's an action-oriented shmup/MMO which feels a bit like EVE Online on steroids.

It is cool because all the game industry AAA developers have been pouring dozens of millions of dollars to copy World of Warcraft for more than 10 years, and they kind of forget to innovate in the MMO field. Making something different and seeing players appreciate it is hugely rewarding!

Also, making a MMO as a sole developer is extremely gratifying as a technical challenge. Doing everything from the website, payment, 3d graphics, networking engine, procedural game content, distributed servers, reporting, data analytics, server monitoring, but also marketing, making video trailers, talking to the press, going to game conventions... well... it's incredibly intense and overwhelming at times, but makes me feel very much... alive?

Looks interesting. How are you innovating the MMO field?

http://www.quantumbiosystems.com an IC that can read DNA without any complicated chemistry and on a device that costs dollars.

It's cool not only because it could revolutionize medical research and diagnostics. But also because it gives the world a fundamental new class of sensor on which new applications will be developed for years to come.

What are the error rates like on this tech at present?

Early days, <1% substitution but homopolyer issues (~10%)

uhh... how is this different from 23andMe and all that stuff? (not skeptical, just curious)

So you get your test-kit from 23andMe, you spit into the tube and you send it to... a 3rd party lab that processes your DNA and ships the digital data to 23andMe.

That 3rd party lab has an IC that, using complicated, expensive chemistry, will digitize your DNA. Except technically not. There are some 'hot' locations that have been pre-categorized as 'interesting' on human DNA, that their chip will investigate and report back, and isn't a full sequencing of the genome.

Two areas for to compete on are the complicated chemistry, and doing a more complete genome sequence.

I assume that it does not analyze your genome for risk to cancer etc.

Smarter NPC. Not an actual game yet, but i started out trying to create a generic AI system for NPC, because i really want to play games like that. So i decided to contribute to this dream by making an open-source AI module for NPC to help game developers create amazing games.

My idea is to make a Goal-based system. Each NPC would have a set of goals, and would weigh in available actions as to how closer it would take them to their goals. I decided to start of with something simple like "maximize gold" so the NPC would take actions that resulted in most gold increase. i figured if i did it right, the NPC would themsleves figure out paths in action-trees that would let them make more gold. for example, figuring out that making wooden stuff out of logs is more profitable than selling raw wood. Or that if you can afford it, hiring people to make the wooden stuff (like a business/company) is more profitable overall than doing it yourself (cuz of multi-threading, opportunity cost, overall path weight, etc).

So it would be cool to see NPC picking out roles themselves, forming in-game societies and behavin in line with their goals. heck maybe someone can make a game that would involve using people's goals to influence them

Helium (http://heliumhq.com) is a library for web automation. It's cool because it takes 66% less code and 75% less effort to use than the de-facto standard for web automation, Selenium.

Does it make you 28% more excited about web automation?

At least ;-P

This is neat.

How does it handle logins that popup, eg, Login with Twitter?

http://spout.co -- We're trying to make building finance apps alot less scary for the average developer.

To be honest I see no reason why the average person can't add p2p payments into their app or why an accounting software should have to wait years before adding bank syncing.

We're making all of this do-able in a weekend or even at a hackathon.

We just launched to a few live customers last week and already we have a backlog that we can't keep up with, but we're hiring to keep up with demand and we're excited about where it can go.

We'd love thoughts and/or feedback if anyone is interested!

I am interested. Do you guys cover european banks?

FYI, your signup for a private beta makes it very hard to click send. there is like 1 pixel on the send-button that actually triggers the action.

Thanks for the feedback, you can also hit enter, but I'll push a fix to change that too! :)

Oh, and yes! we're starting to cover some European banks and have plans for further European and asian expansion soon too.

Was working on an automated cricket farm. Worked like a charm and didn't have to worry about water. But then got a mite infestation and had to release the little fellas. Will start again with a different design.

Working with life is awesome.

http://tech.eu because where else would people go to find out about cool tech and startups coming out of Europe without having to weed through too much crap?

Been working on a book on asshole Javascript. A/B testing two titles: Javascript Technical Interview Questions[0] and Underhanded Javascript[1]

It's cool because the way it came to be was entirely accidental. I was working on much larger VM project when I told my friends "Javascript is so shit I can write a book about it". One of my friends egged me on, and I accidentally wrote 2 chapters the day HN went down. I'm now at 10 chapters and still writing.

Also, I've never done anything like this so quickly before

[0]: https://leanpub.com/jsinterviewquestions

[1]: https://leanpub.com/underhandedjavascript

I think you should add [2] https://leanpub.com/assholejava

Still heavily under development: http://charsheets.herokuapp.com/

Pathfinder d&d based character sheet manager. I got annoyed with the static and excel based offerings out there so I created my own. Currently I view it as near fully featured and want to make it work with more traffic than Heroku can support, but I have no idea how (web-hosting for these types of sites seems expensive as all heck).

Anywho, it was also a way for me to learn flask, bootstrap and knockout.

Developing a mobile phone app that can determine your blood pressure simply by placing your your fingertip on the phone's camera.

Why is it cool? Currently 65 million Americans have high blood pressure, more than 380,000 die each year primarily due to high blood pressure, and it costs over 45 billion dollars in direct medical costs. Of even greater concern is that over 45% of those with hypertension do not have it under control. [1,2]

This app will provide instant and ubiquitous information about their blood pressure to everyday citizens without the need for (as many) visits to the doctor, or the purchasing of expensive medical equipment. It will empower the people to take greater control of their own health, and offers the potential to greatly reduce the burden on an already-overstretched healthcare system.

As it is based purely on the phone's video camera, it will be the first time people can use their mobile phone to measure their blood pressure in the convenience of their own home, at a time that suits them, without the need for connecting your phone to additional proprietary specialist hardware.

[1] http://www.cdc.gov/bloodpressure/facts.htm

[2] https://www.heart.org/idc/groups/heart-public/@wcm/@sop/@smd...

I'm working on a WP8 app for Kraken (the bitcoin exchange): http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=a3857353-599a-434f-8293-....

It's fully functional. It shows live rates, your open & closed orders, your balance and it has the ability to create and close orders.

I think it's cool because Windows Phone is the first platform that has a Kraken app, and this app is arguably the best bitcoin app on the WP platform.

I wonder how many people interested in Bitcoin use WP..

How many downloads have you got so far?

You want to measure the amount of bitcoin users on WP by checking how many downloads I've got? Kraken is a very small exchange, they only have around 60k registered users.

Downloads are in the lower 1000+ so far. Engagement though is extremely good, people start the app every day, and very often. Most of them keep returning over and over again.

Heard of the video game Starbound? http://playstarbound.com

I'm pretty heavily involved in Minecraft reverse engineering, and I've started a new website for reverse engineering Starbound. Dissecting the networking protocol, file formats, or whatever else fits in, it's fair game for the site. Come help out? http://starbound-dev.org

Right now, I'm working on Readborg [0], an Android app. It is a news reader for Philippine news. I know that there are lots of news reader out there, but I just checked the Play Store for News & Magazine category in the Philippines and it looks promising. The problem is, Flipboard, Feedly, and such caters majority of US and international news. For Readborg, I intend to cater Philippine news for Filipino readers.

Readborg is also tightly integrated with TextTeaser [1], an automatic summarization API that I created. Right now, it's on beta stage but you can already download it at Google Play Store [2] if Philippine news is relevant to you.

[0] http://ph.readborg.com/

[1] http://textteaser.com/

[2] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.readborg.r...

We run Versus and are just working on automated comparisons of JS MV* frameworks—check some examples:

Angular vs Backbone http://versus.com/en/angularjs-vs-backbone-js

Angular vs Ember http://versus.com/en/angularjs-vs-ember-js

React vs Backbone http://versus.com/en/react-vs-backbone-js

React vs Angular http://versus.com/en/react-vs-angularjs

Knockout vs Angular http://versus.com/en/knockout-js-vs-angularjs

Or compare any two frameworks by using the search on Versus.

This is a good idea, and hopefully will become an alternative to Stack Overflows "closed as not constructive" questions.

How'd you get that domain name?

I set myself a challenge: build one new HTML5 game per week in order to learn how to make games. So far I've made 6 games, and 1) I already learned a lot, and 2) the feedback I'm getting from players is super positive.

Link: http://www.lessmilk.com

Well done. I always tell myself that I'm going to make a game, and never get motivated to do it.

I had a go of a couple of them and they were fun :)

I am working on Reesd (https://reesd.com). This is a redundant file store, similar to S3. Right now only the SCP protocol is implemented and I hope to offer soon an HTTP API.

Normally Reesd first purpose will be to host Docker repositories/images but I needed a nice way to backup PostgreSQL WAL-segments and use the store for log-shipping. That's what scp is used for.

This is cool because my target audience has already scp on their computer so using Reesd is just a matter of providing a SSH public key. And using scp is quite natural in many situations: distributing files to a cluster of machines, WAL-shipping as said above, Vim can open files through scp, ...

$100 Ghetto FPV Quadcopter (http://seedmediacreative.wix.com/teamghettosheep - It's a cheap DIY tutorial how to build your own FPV (first person view)micro quadcopter which weighs under 100grams.

The tutorial includes: -Video Transmitter build -Video Receiver build -Controller tray/holder build

I'm hoping to build a tiny 2gram on-screen-display (OSD) module that displays altitude & flight time. Also hoping to try Flir Lepton thermal camera too, but Flir are probably waterlogged with emails.

I've restarted working on http://myshigoto.com (for finding English-speaking jobs in Japan) after doing pretty much nothing to it since creating it five years ago - scratching my own itch.

With the pick up in the Japanese economy recently I've noticed a few nice comments about it on blogs and forums. Not only is it satisfying to think I've helped people find a job, it's given me the incentive to improve it and maybe find a way to monetise it beyond just break-even AdSense revenue.

There's some html in Similar Entries: http://myshigoto.com/node/72209

I like your design, it's simple, warm.

I did something similar but for all types of ads (including jobs) http://oglos.info/

Thanks for the compliment and bug report - I've just fixed it manually until I can work out how to prevent it from happening again.

I like the look of Oglos. Very clean and easy to browse.

http://sdk.tradingmotion.com a high-level API for developing automatic trading systems, with open source examples.

It is cool because it aims to democratize algorithmic trading development using a geek approach. Algos are integrated with our marketplace http://isystems.com where clients all around the world use them on real accounts for a monthly fee.

This is very cool. Algorithm trading design is a side hobby of mine, and see the value in this. Good luck with the project.

If you get in touch tyler [at] codenvy.com, we'd like to offer you a special integration for free that can help your developer-users.

I'm still working on getting QML [0] running in the browser because I think it should be the write-once run-everywhere language of modern UIs. https://github.com/guycook/HQML

[0] http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtquick/qtquick-application...

A distributed, encrypted file backup system.


Backups are verified at regular intervals to reduce the amount of trust needed in the system, and every file is stored multiple times.

Eventually the goal is to attach a marketplace where end users will pay for the space they use and those who provide storage will get paid for doing so.

I had similar idea a while ago, although it didn't involve bitcoins and I never actually acted on it.

How do you solve the problem of an evil storage node provider who detects that you're trying to recover a file from backup, blocks it and sends you a "transfer X BTC to my account to get your data back" email?

Files are stored in multiple places and Storage Nodes will be asked to send files on a regular basis, for example, to ensure there is sufficient redundancy for a given file or if the end user wants to sync the files to a new computer.

The storage nodes also have no knowledge of who owns the file or what the contents are. Combined with the fact that they'd immediately stop getting paid for the other files they're hosting, it seems like the ROI for one of those evil nodes is pretty negative.


Free video chat using WebRTC for teachers/students doing online English lessons. You can click on a chat bubble and correct your partner's English. The app then automatically color codes and annotates the mistakes. The app will also track your mistakes (by type) over time.

Nice! Assuming I couldn't use this with another language, correct?

Thanks. Yes, the algorithm only works for English (as it currently stands). If you have interest or ideas for making it work in other languages I would love to hear from you.


It's re-imagining how you can interact with your codes history and GitHub pull requests. I'm desperately trying to get the installer and docs ready. The installer for Linux should be available this week and the installer for Mac OS X should be available next week.

http://www.zonino.co.uk is a platform for finding tech jobs in London startups. We scrape the jobs automatically parse them with a natural language processing system (GATE), index them and make them available to the public. For free! It gives me a nice fuzzy feeling :)

I'm building http://citystrides.com ... It lets you track your running, city by city - the main purpose is to track the streets that you run in your city, but beyond that it also does shoe tracking, weather info, step counting (if you have a FitBit), and route sharing.

It started out with me wondering if I could run every street in my city (and not having a way to track that), but I'm growing it out to accommodate runners all over the world.

A huge byproduct of CityStrides is the collection of poly files for cities that I'm gathering at https://github.com/JamesChevalier/cities which can be used to generate OSM files out of larger regions. This data hasn't been available before now, so it might help create more city-focused projects.

ZikMe (http://www.ZikMe.org) a universal music database, it will provide open and editable information under Creative Commons license.

As we think information is the most powerful tool ever, we plan on radically change how we learn and discover music, and that is cool !!

http://coinsierra.com We are working on a C2C marketplace using Bitcoin. Bitcoin community seriously needs a proper and secure marketplace for customers selling goods.

It's been really fun on working on this, and we hope to release the preview of it this month.

I popularize app-less procrastination killer: http://spiniot.com

Short story:

1. immediate effect of your effort is always fun

2. spinning something gives you that immediate effect

3. earlier phones were easy to spin, smartphones are like a brick, we wanted to change that.

I invited a psychologist to explain why ~600 users like to have a spiniot on their phones. He came up with these 3 ideas:

- immediate effect of effort gives you a rare positive sensation

- contrary to angular forms circular forms are engaging, when spinning your smartphone, you draw several colorful circular forms

- adults play for the same reason as kids

During occasional breaks, spinning your smartphone gives you a short but fulfilling positive sensation. After that you don't feel the urge to check all the usual distracting sources of procrastination (news, twitter, email...) and you are motivated to get back to what you were doing immediately.

A media player in the browser, along with JARVIS like dashboard features like tracking space station flyover, keeping check on reddit, gmail, facebook etc notifications, moon phases, sun cycles, weather, sunrise sunset moon rise moon set notifications, torrent control and status notifications. All in one consolidated UI that is os and platform independent, runs in any standards compliant browser on any device/browser configurationon any device pc, hybrid touch phone tablet etc.

It runs offline, infact it keeps track of network connection changes and informs user if system goes online/offline. In chrome it also runs in background. I have implemented most of the above stuff other than facebook and remote control stuff. I plan to add bunch of other stuff, all I need is more time thanks to college. Anyone willing to invest? Lol.

A few different things:

- Finishing up my PhD -> working on figuring out what's going on in Uranus' outer ring system (https://github.com/kartikkumar/StoMi)

- http://www.gourbangrow.com -> My second attempt at a startup, focussed on the smart gardening/smart farming sector -> check it out!

- http://www.spaceup.nl -> bringing the SpaceUp movement (http://www.spaceup.org) to The Netherlands

http://www.passinglives.com an online obituary site, with a focus on long form photo obituaries so people are able to write a short story of someone's life rather than a few lines that you would find in a newspaper. A couple of sites in the States have a similar theme, but here in Europe still very much a new idea. We think it's cool because it's everything a newspaper obituary isn't - very affordable, global, interactive, perpetual, shareable. It's also ad free which makes it a respectable place to come to pay tribute to loved ones.


Because a simple tool to write & share beautifully is attracting a lot of people (+250k iOS users) and generating a different way of sharing text (+600k notes, now 12k daily). Also, technically speaking it's a nice example of technology marriage: the web and the native app enviroments. Android version soon, if you want to test drive, /android and suscribe.

I never got bored in the project. I've designed both iOS and the web applications and also helped to code LESS/HTML and SVG to create the base product and automated many things. It's fun as hell.

http://lnav.org -- A fancy log file viewer for the terminal. Cool because it provides a lot of features over 'tail -f' without being more complicated to use. Just point lnav at your files at it will auto-detect the messages format and present you with a single time-ordered view of your log files.

It also has more advanced features (http://lnav.org/features/) that are usually only available in server-based solutions, like doing SQL queries over log messages.

Citation manager for academic papers that takes biblio information out of Google Books and Worldcat to make generating those annoying citations easier. I'm also trying to make it so that it's good to use while researching to maintain quotes and research topics.

Just finished the standard book section. Debating between working on web-based stuff next or periodicals. Web might be fun because I could build some kind of indexer to store the exact page cited at that time, but periodicals might be more useful for potential users.

http://www.resumonk.com/ - Resumonk is an online resume (CV) maker.

I just launched a major update with lots of changes to the resume editor. Also improved the DOC conversion and templating code quite a bit.

It's cool because I think it is the most intuitive online resume maker out there that helps the job seekers in standing out from the other applicants through their resume but without actually going over the top with "super-creative" designs.

I'm building https://www.autonomail.com

User-friendly PGP encrypted email as a Chrome app. Open source. Will work with a proprietary mail protocol and eventually with standard IMAP servers too (building on previous work I did with https://github.com/hiddentao/browsermail). Pricing still to be worked out though am thinking of making it Cryptocoin-only.

https://appenlight.com - Unique application exception and performance monitoring that saves time.

Why it's great?

Combining performance metrics + powerful exception reports and pure logging into single package makes optimization and debugging way easier than having X solutions in separate places. Works especially well for complex applications.

One of cool features is that we offer access to all data like SQL queries even in free plan - unlike New Relic and others.

https://github.com/Lazin/Akumuli - embedded time-series database. I'm trying to achieve very high write throughput - about 1M updates per second. The key idea here is to store data in large sorted files and search them with interpolation search with fall-back to binary search in some cases. I expect this method to be much more efficient than b-tree or LSM-tree for time-series data.


Based on the “Disciplined Entrepreneurship” book and framework used by Bill Aulet, Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, DEToolbox is a set of checklists and tools to help you stay on track, and grow a healthy and successful startup. We already have a couple hundreds of users and the app is currently used at MIT as part of the Entrepreneurship Development Program.

Slant (http://slant.co). I'm certainly biased, but I think it's slowly starting to get pretty useful for picking a tool/app/service etc with the collaborative pro/con UI. Example: http://www.slant.co/topics/103/~what-is-the-best-laptop-for-...

An iPhone app that motivates you to work harder.. Simply put you set goals and then.... I really can't give the idea away, I'm working hard day and night and it will be released in the next 8 weeks.

This app motivates you to achieve your goals. There are 3 twists on my idea however which make it different to other apps. I will definitely be using it myself so hopefully other will feel it helps them to achieve their goals also :)

Working on the WunderBar - Internet of Things Starter Kit for App Developers.

Why cool? 1. You can build IoT connected apps in under 10 minutes. 2. SDKs for iOS, Android & Node.js. 3. It's open source.

We'd love your feedback, thoughts & comments.

Check it out here: http://www.dragoninnovation.com/projects/35-wunderbar-by-rel...

I run http://goodereader.com basically a website devoted to digital publishing, e-reader and eBook industry news.

Also, http://apps.goodereader.com which is our android/blackberry 10 app store, over 100,000 apps so far, in terms of sheer amount of apps, we're the 6th largest in the world right now.

Working on updating http://mixbolt.com/ , DJ tool in the browser.

I hope it lets lots of people enjoy their music without having to download or pirate expensive software. I have recently open sourced it and looking for help on the project: https://github.com/adaline/mixbolt

I am building Lightningbeam (http://lightningbeam.blogspot.com), which is a vector graphics animation program that aims to be an open-source replacement for Adobe Flash. It can export to both SWF and HTML5 Canvas, and supports ActionScript on both platforms (meaning you can write code once and run it on all platforms).

AdPushup (http://www.adpushup.com), to help publisher optimize ad revenues.

http://www.adpushup.com/blog/adpushup-helped-publishers-doub... - This post helps explain what we do, much better.

Traveling tips for getting from point a to Point b: http://hopgenie.com

(under construction)

A self-hosted alternative to disqus:


Its cool because communication is fun.

(I will continue to plug my console email client to http://lumail.org/ because email is cool, and scripting email with lua is even cooler still!)

Brodlist (http://brodlist.com), because the web was never meant to be a bunch of read-only text files.

Our querying ability (no joins needed) and speed doesn't just open up big data and semantic data, but possibly even allows the web to be reshaped as a collection of data rather than text.

https://github.com/johnwilson/bytengine a CMS repository with an interesting twist, built with Go, Mongodb and Redis.

It's cool because it allows you to organize your content in files/folders and retrieve it using a rich query language.

We are working to make team management effortless and fun. Some of the features that make it possible: achievements, kanban board, online time counter, simple activity feed and dropbox integration. The result of this is called Hiburo [0].

[0] - https://hiburo.com/

https://retred.org is a repository of (right now historical) events. There wasn't a good place where you can view and (soon will be able to add/edit) historical facts, not to mention cutting it up in various ways to see how things relate.

this is such a great idea!

it would be great to be able to choose a series of events (e.g. d-day or the Beatles tour in 1967) and see the progression of events across a map in the order they happened.

or to get a cross section of all the events that happened on a given date around the world or in a chosen area.

edit: after exploring further I realise some of this is already possible. again, a great idea!

Thanks - as you say, if you search for a thing you will see the events with lines between them showing the progression of events in chronological order.

You can use the time bar on the top to alter the date range, and there are "favourite" era's selectable at the drop down down the bottom.

Datazenit – Database management in the cloud. Live data visualizations, content editor, schema builder and more.

* Homepage: http://datazenit.com/

* Twitter: https://twitter.com/datazenit

http://elections.io/ (site not available just yet) - open data platform with historical election results and candidates.

Launching in the next few weeks for the EU Parliament, UK 1/3 council, London borough, and mayoral elections.

Hey that's actually pretty cool, can you post it when you're finished? I'm a bit of politics geek.

Just out of curiosity, how are you going to monetize this?

I'm not interested in monetising it to be honest

I'm working on some apps that make it easy to track time on tasks. The end goal is to be able to build out personal workload forecasts.

The whole thing is built around integrations with existing services. Today, Asana and Toggl. Tomorrow, GitHub, Google Calendar, and who knows what else!

I am working on a site for adding local adverts: http://oglos.info/

I am trying to create unique, simple and compact navigation. It's an early version of my page but I'd appreciate all hints, suggestions, directions etc.

https://www.getlikemind.com — it's a social network for meeting new, interesting people (no dating); today we roll out first stage of our web client, being also the Android and Windows Phone client ;)

http://www.quantabytes.com makes Bitcoin analysis simple. It's cool to work on because we know almost nothing about the structure of Bitcoin's block chain and how it is evolving over time.

http://www.linkafy.com Control your home from a tablet. One app, multiple mobile platforms. An Internet of Things mobile application and Platform as a Service for appliance manufacturers.

Very cool! I'm a bit perplexed about the "sharing control" feature. I'm assuming you're going to be deploying some serious security into the app.

Anyway, going to keep an eye out for your progress!

https://www.codeship.io - Working on bringing Continuous Deployment to every team, because it's so much better, but still hard to accomplish for small or medium sized teams

Tree based todo list + time tracker + productivity log + deadlines + work reports

Its main feature is to help you organize projects with 1000s of details in them

Note: it is usable at the moment, but it is not ready


Sounds interesting. I would like to get the ability to add multiline notes to each task. Sometimes you need to describe in detail the task. And keep Mac in mind, ctrl is ugly, use cmd+enter like shortcuts in OSX.

clicking on the screenshot does nothing :( latest chrome on windows

Sorry, I rushed it out, prod server has different config :(

Everything will be fixed in 15 minutes.

http://gameofworlds.net a voxel video game with custom everything.

It's cool because you can change everything, even program terrain and blocks distribution over the world.

Anyone interested in connecting with their favorite TV show casts? I collected all cast Twitter accounts and show them in one place: http://tivify.com/

Working on an online music notation editor that is guitar oriented, a bit like guitar pro but online. It will allow people to share their work. Started this to play with angularjs and kineticJS, having fun !

A web app to give maths exercise to high school students and correct them. I am making the app understand symbolic calculus, so it would pinpoint exactly what the student got wrong.

cool, any link?

I only have a super unpolished version now, without a domain name. If you want I can send you the link to my server by email - my email is in my profile.

I Had this idea ages ago, but waited too long to start building it.

search for recipes based on the ingredients you have: http://chowdown.co

http://trysnitch.com, simple mobile notifications to send from your code in JSON format.

It's cool because dead simple and flexible.

entrylevel.co - Which will be a portal for entry level tech jobs. Since I had a hard time finding a good one. I believe this is a solvable problem.

ever seen this one before? https://www.firstjob.com

http://www.feedeo.io Automatically advertise your products on every search.

https://surfer.io/ because people should own the images they share


The new way to read and discover newsletters.

I'm working on a event/what to do discovery site that does not sucks :)

p2p file transfer tool w/ some cool features like auto-accept rules, tag-based (semantic fs) syncing

http://deployanything.com (win,mac,lin + pi)

Tech: C++11, Qt, node.js

Great thread!

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