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I know you were trying to make a point, but actually, I got a job my the summer before my Junior year working in a lab on campus. The school had great resources to match people with interesting on-campus positions that aligned with their major. I ended up working at the lab after graduating for several years.

> if you pay to learn so what?

I agree.

> Why does it have to be regulated?

I'm curious to know as well. Certainly there are reasons to regulate, if there is some existing system and these schools somehow violate existing policies. It's not clear why they need to be licensed.

> Is not like food ...

Regulation happens for more reasons than just personal harm. Obviously some argue that it shouldn't, even if it does cause harm :)

> like cars ...

A big reason for regulation isn't safety, it's taxation, which helps pay for things like roads and maintenance.

I worked before and after having a college degree. Simply not including it on my resume worked fine, and as long as my resume was filled with all the things I knew/was skilled at, my degree or lack of only came up as an afterthought. So I agree with you on the last point.

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