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Lots of blinking and flashing when I mouse over stuff, and it's not clear what includes a comment and what doesn't.

Also I really liked that documentation thing someone showed us a while ago... It put code on one side and annotation paragraphs on the other, and despite being very simple I think it did a very good job of making the code and annotations easy to read.

[edit] Oh nevermind, I understand.. the colors indicate a block of lines that relate to a single comment. I think that would be clearer if the color didn't break between every line. It's still tricky mousing over things though. If you go straight down from one line to the next, the comment doesn't change. You have to mvoe away from the text entirely, then back onto the line you're interested in.

Thanks for the suggestions. Originally the plan was to have comments in the margins. Then I had analysis paralysis so I decided to do what was easiest right now.

Shit, now I really wish I knew the name of the project I was thinking of. I'll come back and let you know if I figure it out. It was on HN a week or two ago... Maybe someone else remembers?

I don't recall seeing it on HN recently, but are you thinking of Docco? Example: http://backbonejs.org/docs/backbone.html

Yeah, that's it! I guess it's more for display than for interactive annotation, but I really like the format.

It was http://dakuto.com/. Coincidentally Dakuto also has a Japanese-sounding name ;)

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