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Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (February 2014)
128 points by whoishiring on Feb 1, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 164 comments
Please lead with either SEEKING WORK or SEEKING FREELANCER, your location and whether remote work is a possibility.

SEEKING FREELANCER - Remote / NYC - ControlShift Labs - http://www.controlshiftlabs.com/

We are an organization devoted to building web tools for progressive activists and nonprofits worldwide. Right now we have two main products that we've been working on -- an online petitioning and campaigning tool, and a donations platform is in the works. Our clients include 350.org, Greenpeace India, and 38 Degrees. To get a sense for what we do, you can view the petitions platform in action here: http://campaigns.350.org/

We're looking for part-time and possibly full-time web developers. We're located in both NYC and Buenos Aires -- a small and remote Rails company. We generally prefer those who work in the same time zone, but we still would like to talk to those who might live in different time zones.

Experience with Rails is preferred, but not necessary. Drop us a line at talk - at - controlshiftlabs.com

SEEKING FREELANCER -- REMOTE OK. OpenEdX Consultancy (Canada/France)

Consultancy specialized on the edX project, and hiring to handle increasing demand. edX is a free software project, used by various universities and companies to run online courses. See edx.org, class.stanford.edu, france-universite-numerique-mooc.fr or codecoalition.com for examples of edX instances.

It's a large Python/Django codebase, with good code standards and architecture (a lot of the edX engineers come from MIT). You would work on different clients contracts using the platform. The clients list/references include Harvard, edX themselves, the French government, and various startups & universities currently running their own instances, or looking to create one. Tasks are varied, from developing custom features for specific courses (XBlocks), customizing instances, developing generic platform features, deploying instances, working on both client/server sides, etc.

Most of your work would be published as free software (edX is released under the AGPL license, which requires clients to release modifications under the same license), and you would also contribute to the free software project, pushing some of your developments upstream through pull requests, contributing features, documentation or help on mailing-lists.

You would be able to work remotely from where you want, as long as you have a good internet connexion. : )

Stack: Python/Django, Ansible, AWS, Debian/Ubuntu, JS, HTML/CSS, MySQL, MongoDB

Applying: Email jobs@antoviaque.org with: your github account, a short explanation of why you're interested and a list of links to free software contributions you have made, if any.

SEEKING FREELANCER - Rogers Media (Toronto, Canada)

Located in the downtown Toronto campus of Rogers Communications, Rogers Media is actively seeking a freelance web developer with strong PHP / WordPress knowledge and exceptional front-end (JavaScript / jQuery / CSS3) skills for an initial three-month contract, with the opportunity to turn that into much more.

Our technology stack is split between WordPress (PHP/MySQL, hosted within the company) and Ruby On Rails. Our mission is to architect, create and assist the growth of brands of the likes of Sportsnet, Maclean's, Citytv, 680 News and Chatelaine, plus literally nearly a hundred others.

Despite a couple of tough years for the media industry, Rogers Media remains committed to making a name for itself for having the best digital division in the Canadian media landscape. We're steadily growing our web and mobile development teams, and like in any time of uncertainty and change, there's enormous opportunity to do amazing new things. I think 2014 is going to be a great year for us.

Shoot me an e-mail at sully.syed@rci.rogers.com and we'll talk.

Is this a local gig only? or are you open for remote freelancers?

SEEKING FREELANCERS: DuckDuckGo (remote or local in Paoli, PA)

If you're an avid DuckDuckGo user who is excited about what we're trying to accomplish check out our hiring page https://dukgo.com/help/en_US/company/hiring

Right now we're in need of some freelancing help in two areas: 1) devops (using Chef); 2) our community platform at duck.co (using modern Perl).


Front End Developer - AngularJS (Ft. Lauderdale, FL or Remote)

Hello Show is modernizing a key workflow for real estate agents. The current market for real estate technology is vastly underserved and Hello Show is building the tools agents need and deserve. With our product in development, we already have beta customers who have fallen in love and are anxious to sign up now! We are a results and data driven team, and use Agile/SCRUM processes to build.

Skills & Requirements:

- Javascript expert

- Expert with Angular.js and Node.js

- Expert interfacing with APIs

- Expert HTML 5 and CSS skills

- Focus on test driven development

- Appreciation for Web Accessibility and how that should translate to code.

- Insane attention to detail

- Desire and ability to continuously learn and implement new technologies

- Effective communication with team members, focusing on project requirements, capabilities, and schedule

- Love of building products that people love

You are welcome to work remotely.

Application Instructions:

To apply, send an email to join@helloshow.com. Be sure to reference the job posting and where you came across it. Please provide any information that will help us in our decision process (resume, portfolio, github, etc…). If you seem like a good fit, we will want you to come by for a face-to-face interview or chat on Skype. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is TJ Nevis and I feel I'm a good fit for this position. I recently left my full time job to pursue my business full time and I've been connecting with companies just like yours to take on outsourced/overbooked projects.

I am very familiar with responsive web design and all the websites I work on are responsive. I have worked with MongoDB for over 2 years and AngularJS for about a year and a half. I've read up on books and taken online courses on both topics. I've built REST services with PHP and consumed them with AngularJS. I've also consumed social REST APIs in my applications. I know JavaScript, jQuery, and AngularJS extensively.

I have used LESS and SASS and have used HTML5 and CSS3 (also animating with Angular). I use Github and Bitbucket (Git) for versioning.

My business website is currently under construction, but you can take a look at my portfolio website to see projects that I have done in my spare time in the last year. I am finishing up 3 websites now that I still need to add to my portfolio.

I'm very familiar with using CDN's for speed (S3 and Rackspace, mainly), using Grunt to minify CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

I think we could work well together and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

My personal portfolio: http://TJNevis.com.

SEEKING WORK: Remote or Bay Area

Some technologies I've used lately include:

  Python, C
  GAE datastore, DynamoDB, S3, SQL, MySQL, Redis, Mongo
  AWS, Google App Engine, Heroku
  Bottle, Django
  Bootstrap, jQuery, D3, processing.js
  Mustache/Pystache, jinja2
  Python requests, ScraPy
Full stack web engineer specializing in Python. Heavy Google App Engine experience. Also versed in Django, Bottle. Heavy html5/css/js experience building responsive web sites, including with frameworks e.g. bootstrap, jQuery. More of an implementer than a designer.

Past projects include the God of War website (godofwar.com), various web crawlers and data importers for various clients, and a social voting app for Google and Sunlight Foundation. I have I also have previous startup experience at Getaround, a bay area p2p car sharing marketplace.

I love hacking together MVPs, building out features, building web crawlers and data importers, static analysis. Would love to hear from you and learn about your project!

SEEKING WORK - Remote | Tehran, Iran

C/C++ on GNU/Linux with relevant tools and technologies.

Resume: http://tehlug.org/~ashkan/files/resume.pdf || http://tehlug.org/~ashkan/files/resume.tex

email: ghassemi AT ftml DOT net Ashkan Ghassemi

SEEKING WORK - New York City/Brooklyn or Remote

I am a fullstack web developer who typically writes Ruby and Javascript/Coffeescript. I have been working with Rails for the last three years and working on the front end (markup and styling) since I was in high school (ten years ago). My recent projects include an XBRL parser to extract balance sheets, work on a Rails app for Bookandtable.com (checkout their staging url at http://staging.bookandtable.com, they're about to launch), and a JS/frontend heavy web app to endorse candidates in the NYC mayoral primary.

I am looking for part time/half time work as I have one other client at the moment. I am teaching him the Rails framework as we work together re-writing his production Drupal app in Rails.



SEEKING WORK - San Francisco - Remote - Travel Possible Experienced pair of software developers with a history in startups. Proficient in:

  * Python  ['django', 'bottle', 'google.app.engine']
  * Ruby  [:rails => 'heroku']
  * Javascript  ['angular','backbone','node'];
  * Clojure  '(Compojure)
  * Haskell, Go (and other esoterics)
We've helped entrepreneurs develop their MVP, as well as large companies develop core features. We provide services such as feature development, product management, and software auditing. Previous engagements include Getaround, Codecademy, Factset, Wakemate, drip.fm, and Swiftstack, among others.

For more info see our page at http://turbines.io, or talk to us at hn@turbines.io


SEEKING WORK - Based in Southern California

(Looking for remote)


Joe Cortopassi

Email: joe[at]joecortopassi[dot]com

Skype: joe.cortopassi


iOS developer

Full stack web developer


Technologies: (not just the language, but also the appropriate frameworks and libraries)

• Objective-C

• iPhone/iOS



• Javascript





• Business Analytics

• Api integration and development

• Persistent Data Management







About Me:

I started off in web development, doing mid-large size lead generation web sites. As a big part of dealing with lead generation, I became proficient in RESTful API integration and development, along with complex javascript web applications used for analytics. I then began working on iPhone and iPad applications over the years, working on apps for Cie Studios, BuySellAds, and their respective clients. My ability to understand complex api's, also helped me build connection management and caching systems for iOS apps that assured the user that their information would always be posted to the server, regardless of their data connection.


+1 for Joe.. great team member!

NYC based consultant. Full stack developer (Rails since 2005). Coffee Script/Javascript. ReactJS. Backbone. More languages than you can throw a stick at. Etc. . . .

Available in April

Either for remote or on-site consulting, particularly around getting teams set up with good development workflows. I'm great to have for a project kickoff. Lots of startup and small biz experience (ex CTO, VP Engineering, etc. . .).

I'm picky. Very happy with the company that I'm consulting with now, but will be doing some heavy traveling this summer (based in Berlin for June and July). Looking for short gigs.

scott weeks at gmail. Mention HN.

SEEKING WORK - Remote only. (Based in Tel-Aviv.)

My name is Ram Rachum, and I’m a freelance software developer. I help businesses solve their problems using software, mostly by developing web-based applications. I work mainly in Python and Django.

On the technical level, it’s my responsibility to have high problem-solving skills; to design a good architecture for each project I work on; to implement that architecture quickly and effectively; and to be experienced with the languages and frameworks that I’m using, so when a problem comes up, I don’t have to spend 2 hours to research and solve it but rather just 5 minutes, because I’ve seen that problem dozen of times before.

On the project-management level, it’s my responsibility to communicate clearly and honestly with the client and my collaborators on the project; to understand exactly what the client wants to build as we plan together how to build it; to always keep the client updated about progress; to have an owner mentality and make decisions with the best interest of the client in mind; to own up to mistakes when they happen; and to always get feedback as early as possible from the client and from the users, so we know we’re not wasting time going into blind alleys, and we’re spending time only on features that the users are happy with. My email is ram@rachum.com . Send me an email and say hello.

More details about me: http://ram.rachum.com/cv/

SEEKING WORK - San Francisco Bay Area, CA or REMOTE, TRAVEL OK

I build apps, websites, APIs, and turnkey solutions that solve critical business problems. Here are some recent projects (more at https://www.pilvy.com/):

* An iOS VPN client for a major VPN service provider that uses iOS's built-in configuration profiles.

* IVPN Client for Windows: Developed for IVPN (https://www.ivpn.net/), who had some unique security & privacy requirements. Based on OpenVPN.

* VMware End User Computing Demo Portal (https://www.vmwdemo.com/): Allows VMware's sales and marketing teams to easily demonstrate the Horizon product suite to potential customers. Eliminated a ton of time-consuming work by automating Active Directory/LDAP account provisioning, expiry, and integration with Horizon Workspace.

I'm looking for short-term (near-full time) and long-term (part-time) projects. Available from mid-February.

tech: node.js, JavaScript, Objective-C/Cocoa/iOS, Ruby on Rails, C#/.NET, Python, Elixir/Erlang

https://www.pilvy.com | https://github.com/ammmir | amir at pilvy dot com

SEEKING WORK - remote only, from Mumbai-India

Recently helped a couple of clients with next version of their web projects - implemented search using haystack for organicinputs.ca, integration with payment gateways like PaypalExpress, PX Fusion for next version of http://architecturemedia.com/

https://www.book-pay.com went live in June 2013 - developed from scratch in Django and Postgres,a site for booking seat for cycling tours offered by www.londonbicycle.com - so far 530+ users with 400+ seats booked

Helped in launching http://www.foodfan.com - Django,Postgres, S3 for photos, Sphinx for search, Jquery

8+ years of software development experience in dotnet and Django, open to working on other technologies.

Have worked with clients from US, UK and Syria

A blog post - http://www.vishalsodani.com/programming/experience-report-fr....



Contact: vishalsodani@gmail.com

Why are there so many devs seeking work? Scary.

If you're a freelancer you're always "seeking work", even when you have a good amount of work currently it never hurts to have more :)

If you look closely, you might notice that most of them don't have a broad range of technologies in their experience. Probably that limits their flexibility in terms of employment. At least that's my suggestion. For example, quite a few python/django devs seeking for work and no offers for said technologies.

Most people are seeking remote work. Also, lots of people outside US.

SEEKING WORK - remote / Berlin

I'm a front-leaning, full-stack developer that is splitting time between Brooklyn and Berlin, and I am currently in Berlin. I am American, and know just a little bit of German (but am learning).

I have experience with every aspect of creating an application, from mockups and UX design, to graphic design, to the full-stack implementation, to deployment. I've successfully built and sold a past start-up of mine, and have a great deal of insight with product development. Because of this, I'm probably of most value the earlier a project is in its life cycle.

Backend stack: Ruby on Rails, with DBs/data stores such as MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, and Redis. I've also worked a bunch with Elastic Search. I can also use Node.js or PHP for the right project, but lately I've been doubling down on being a backend mono-glot.

Frontend stack: my preference is Angular.js, and I've also worked Backbone and Meteor. I am very well-versed in current best practices, can build responsive mobile-friendly websites, and code pixel perfect CSS and HTML5. I have a great deal of graphic design experience and can help there as well.

Portfolio: http://eatingthe.com

Email: jeremy@superplussed.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote | Colombia | Part-time US 40

http://careers.stackoverflow.com/cv/employer/20796 http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mario-alejandro-montoya-cort%C3%... https://www.odesk.com/users/~014afa40823bde9c3b

17+ years of experience creating software in use for more than +2000 users in my country and around the world. Made software for government, business and consumers. Experience: - Python /Django (like !) - Delphi - .NET - Objective-C - iOS development (like !) - RemObjects - Sql Server - Postgres (like !) - HTML5 / JS / Bootstrap/ Zurb Foundation

Better at backend but work with front-end with no problem. Check my website for my apps http://www.elmalabarista.com.

I work with scrum/mercurial for my own apps. Have contributed small fixes to Django (update the Sql Server support, later forked as a independent project by other people).

Moderator in a latin-america forum for developers (www.clubdelphi.com).

Have provide training in advanced use of databases for several companies in the SENA (main government institution for work and advance in tech & startups in Colombia).

Not hate Database/CRUD work! A lot of experience in integration of different tech stacks and upgrading tech on several past developments.

SEEKING WORK: Remote - $100/hr

ram@hiddentao.com | https://github.com/hiddentao | http://uk.linkedin.com/in/hiddentao

I am a full-stack web developer with 8+ years experience backed by a Computer Science degree.

Primary specialities:

  * Javascript - Node.js, Backbone, Ember, Angular
  * Page speed optimisation and mobile rendering
  * Continuous integration (I love setting up a build :)

  * https://showca.se
  * http://www.syfy.co.uk
  * http://squeljs.org
In the past I've also developed extensively in PHP, Python and and Java and can work with them as and when needed. Going back even further I developed in C++ for the Symbian OS. I am able to quickly ramp up on new technologies and hit the ground running. I have worked with numerous clients in various industry sectors, ranging from a two-person climate change start-up all the way to a global media corporation. I can work with your team, lead your team or go solo depending on project requirements.

Originally from the UK, I am currently travelling around.

Freelancer - SEEKING WORK - Mumbai, India - Remote

I have just completed my ongoing projects and I am back here for more. I have been doing freelance work from reddit and HN successfully for the past year or so.

I am a software engineer working in one of the country's largest e-commerce websites.

I love learning and working on new technologies and platforms, but currently, my main experience is in Node.js and PHP. I also have some experience in working with Ruby and Sinatra. I work on linux, and I have deployed and managed web, database and application servers on CentOS and Ubuntu. I am familiar with bash scripting. I am also familiar with some basic Python and Go, but I have never really got a chance to work on it.

One of my previous jobs involved working with a large WordPress application, so I am quite adept with WordPress too. Most of my freelance work from reddit has been on the wordpress front: Customizing and working on various plugins. I have worked with various data stores too: Mysql, mongodb, redis are the primary ones.

On the front end side, I have worked on big JavaScript projects working with various html5 APIs. I dig semantic clean HTML markup and know my way around CSS.

I have worked on AWS on an earlier job, though my current organization has its own servers in a data center. I like working on big problems, "architecting" solutions which scale out and working on them, and tackling and troubleshooting live issues. I usually try to work on git whenever possible.

I am looking for medium to long term projects, and I love working remotely. Let me know if you have anything interesting and we can chat. Email me at mail@munimkazia.com.

SEEKING WORK -- remote (or L.A./Orange County)

Just want a banana, and end up getting the gorilla and jungle too? My experience will help you define your business needs, and come up with the right solution to fit your requirements.

Full-Stack Developer. Front end development in Responsive HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (jQuery, jQuery mobile, JSON), and RESTful APIs built with PHP or Node.js on the server. Emphasis on a strong design to build projects that are simple and attractive.

Specializing in iOS and Android apps built with Cordova/PhoneGap that work beautifully on different screen sizes and devices.

20+ years professional software developer, 15+ years freelance

app website: http://imagenuity.com



more examples of work http://jimbergman.net

Lets discuss your project - contact: jim at jimbergman.net or http://jimbergman.net/contact/

SEEKING FREELANCER - Toronto, ON - Remote possible

Looking for a designer, with an immediate need for web UI/UX work.

We're working on an exciting project with tremendous potential in an unsexy, but niche space. We have paying customers in the pipeline, and now we need to deliver.

We need a designer to help with the overall look and feel of a web-based dashboard. The goal is to take lots of technical data, information, analytics, and controls and whittle them down into a well-presented dashboard.

There is potential for continuing work on this project, and others, branching into mobile app development as well.

I'm being intentionally vague, as I don't want to give out too many details publicly. Suffice it to say, it's exciting enough that I left a very well-known startup in the Bay Area to move to Toronto for this.

I'm looking for an A-level designer here that we could work with for the foreseeable future, so my standards are pretty high. Send me links to your past projects, portfolio, and Dribbble to xpatel [at] pulsecode [dot] ca.

P.S. Our current website is a poor signal for the kind of quality we're looking for, so don't hold that against us. It also will not help you figure out what the project is.


My name is Anton Sten and I'm a UI/UX designer with 15 years of experience. I'm no stranger to work in unsexy spaces (have experience from working with pension plans to anti depressives).

I have a portfolio at www.lepetitgarcon.com but would really like to discuss this opportunity with you in order to better understand how I can be of service.

Looking forward to hearing back from you - feel free to email me (anton@lepetitgarcon.com) and we can setup a Skype call. I'm based in Sweden but do a lot of work for US-based companies.

Thanks Anton

If anyone is still following this, I got a ton of responses, and I'm doing my best to filter them. So apologies for the delay!


I'm a web dev / design consultant with an increasingly demanding workload and I'm looking to bring in some help. I'm based out of NYC / LA (yes both, kinda). I need folks in 2 areas -

1) Frontend / full stack web dev (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP). I need someone with very solid frontend web dev skills... and are comfortable and happy working with Wordpress. Some of my client projects are big demanding challenges, some of them are just CMS sites. You should be cool with either.

2) Systems work and IT referrals. I'm increasingly encountering clients that require complicated environments - multiple nodes, load balancers etc and I'm relatively useless in this area. Skills in AWS, CDNs like Akamai etc. Might be just referrals, might hire you onto the occasional project depending on the budget / scope.

If you're interested, email me at zenjiweb+hnresponse@gmail.com

Also - I've posted in this thread on HN before for a client and we got a lot of responses last time. Please please please include skills, links to your work, profiles on Github or Linkedin or a resume and some background info about you. Thanks!

I'd love to discuss your front end needs with you. I am strong in HTML/CSS/JS/PHP development and have been doing a lot of Wordpress sites at various levels of complication. You can learn more about me at http://genlack.com and connect with me on LinkedIn at http://linkedin.com/in/stevelack .

SEEKING WORK - Remote Web+Mobile UI designer and front-end developer.

4+ years of experience with designing usable interfaces with a focus on increasing user conversions.

Designed patio11's site which increased his conversion rate and profits:



Also designed the VideoLAN website and the interface for VLC Media Player for Windows 8:



Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/Jquery.

Knowledge of Ruby, Rails, BackboneJS, Git and Heroku.

Portfolio: http://ashraful.me/work

Pricing: $55/hour

Email: ashrafulsf@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote/Chicago

Designer/developer. Proficient in front-end development, Meteor development, and WordPress development.

Best suited helping startups get a nice marketing site/materials together for their product (website, blog, email templates). I've worked with companies big and small designing, developing, and deploying WordPress sites that focus on promoting products or services.

I offer a total package for WordPress starting at $7k: landing page, two custom page templates, blog, UI kit, assets/backups to Amazon S3, and deployment workflow (this is huge for startups).

Some examples:


https://properapp.com <-- My own product.

http://2013freelancetools.com (not WordPress, but shows off my latest design style)



Laid back guy, but serious about quality. Make sure you come with a real intention to get work done :)

Interested? Get in touch: ryan@wellroundedgent.com.


I build beautiful iOS and Mac apps (among other things). Here's my latest: http://www.heyfocus.com/

I open sourced it at https://github.com/bradjasper/focus

I wrote a case study on it at http://bradjasper.com/focus.html

Another recent open-source project I made was a way to find patterns from SubtlePatterns that did really well here on HN: http://bradjasper.com/subtle-patterns-bookmarklet/

Here are some common questions I get about consulting: http://bradjasper.com/hire.html

I really love working with smart & creative people—if you care a lot about building good products, services and experiences, I'd love to talk to you.

GitHub: https://github.com/bradjasper/

Email: contact@bradjasper.com

SEEKING WORK - Atlanta area (Georgia, US) Prefer remote

Languages/Tech: C, C#/.NET, SQL, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, Objective-C (OS X & iOS)

Other Skills: Database design & admin, server admin

About: I am an adaptive problem solver. I learn new technologies and techniques quickly. I am a “full stack” developer and administrator. Security is not an afterthought. I believe in “make it work, make it right, make it fast.”


I am an iOS software engineer with experience shipping apps (8 personal, and a bunch more for various enterprise clients the past couple years) and writing scalable, maintainable code. I'm atypical in the sense that I also have an art degree and can design the UI/UX of an app and then go ahead and program it too. I like working fast and want to take on short to medium-term projects that won't have varying levels of bureaucracy and maddening back-and-forth. If this sounds like the kind of project you need accomplished for iPhone or iPad, read further.


Quick Portfolio:

Onions for iOS - www.onions.io

News/YC - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/news-yc/id592893508?mt=8

Red Cup - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/red-cup/id477350446?mt=8


You can find me on GitHub as well:



If you want to talk further, email me:

brgordon [at] ua . edu

SEEKING WORK - remote, (Traveling abroad)

Currently lead DevOps at my full time employment (Inflection). My experience is in helping to find bottlenecks from development to deployment and to create a more efficient workflow. I work daily to manage a multitude of servers, all Puppet modules, packaging and deployment. I am the go-to guy when something breaks and no one else has a clue where to start looking.

I'm also available for development work.

Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Linux, Puppet, Git, AWS (EC2, Route53, S3, etc.)

I'm extremely comfortable picking up new technologies and languages - the above listed are what I work with daily; however I can work with with whatever toolset is required.

Feel free to reach me at: biddle [dot] thomas [at] google's email service [dot] com

Github: https://github.com/thomasbiddle/

Personal site: http://thomasbiddle.com/

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasbiddle

SEEKING WORK -- Remote or local. I'm based out of nowhere in particular, and like to travel to interesting places.

Full stack software engineer with 5+ years experience and a math background. Mostly I do heavy lifting in Java and Clojure. I've worked on complicated cloud pipelines, full-stack web apps, and in a past life, high volume, near real-time distributed trade processing applications for a Big Finance Company. I've also done work with parsing, domain specific languages, full-stack web development, custom high-speed message queues, and security and encryption. I like to solve hard problems.

Github: https://github.com/mthvedt/

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mike-thvedt/11/5b4/9bb

Contact: mike.thvedt@gmail.com

The buzzword list: Java, JEE, JMS, Hibernate, Spring, jUnit, Clojure, Ring/Compojure, Javascript, jQuery, Mocha, Haskell, Oracle and Postgres SQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, Mongo, AWS.

SEEKING WORK - SF Bay Area - Remote or Local

Software Developer specializing in Web and Data Engineering, freelancing while I build my startup. I spent three years as a Data Analyst, then quit and taught myself to code. I've only been freelancing for six months, so I'm willing to work at a discount while I build up my portfolio. I'm also open to bartering.

Skills: Ruby/Rails, TDD, SQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, Python, R, Machine Learning, Project Management, Git, Linux/Unix, AWS, Heroku

Production experience: Everything associated with large Rails projects, web crawling, data pipelines, APIs, data analysis, product management

Side projects: I've built some apps in Node (Express, Meteor), and I compete in Kaggle Data Science competitions when I have time (http://www.kaggle.com/users/30845/dpmehta02). I am particularly interested in NLP.

dpmehta02[at]gmail[dot]com https://github.com/dpmehta02


Django/Python developer

    (Major) Skills: Python, Django, ML/NLP/Analytics, Hadoop, Cassandra, Postgres/MySQL, EC2, S3, Bootstrap, jQuery

    I specialize in, Backend/Python development — POCs, rapid prototypes, load/performance testing etc.

    Server side/DB performance optimizations & design to scale.

    Big Data consulting — Hadoop Ecosystem + Cassandra. Have evaluated Mongo, Couchbase, Riak, DynamoDB, EMR and redshift as well for client requirements. 

    NLP/ML/Data Science Consulting — Sentiment Analysis, NER, Classification,Clustering,Statistical modelling
Find out more at

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mohitranka

Github: http://www.github.com/mohitranka

Portfolio: http://mohitranka.com/work/


Email: mohitranka@gmail.com :)


Donald Guy

Graduated MIT in CS 2012

-- Tech:

Mostly been working for last few years as full-stack web developer: HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Rails. (less preferably) Java, PHP

Interested in DevOps and sys-admin stuff as well. Some experience with Chef.

older experience in app, systems, embedded, and OS-level work: C++, C, x86 Assembly, 8051 Assembly, Perl, Python, bash, Scheme

Would love excuses to need to learn Go, Scala, maybe Clojure; or play with Docker. Prepared to learn AngularJS, Meteor, EmberJS, probably other frameworks as needed.

-- Personal:

Interested in music, fitness, social-good, social networking, education, (foreign) languages, and working with local small businesses. Have decent knowledge of craft beer.

Not particularly interested in anything finance-specific, nor probably marketing/advertising-specific.

Would consider full-time positions if sufficiently interesting.

-- Contact

E: donald.guy@mit.edu




Android engineer - London - Mixlr http://dev.mixlr.com


Mixlr is a fast-growing platform for social live audio with millions of users across the world.

We would like an experienced engineer help our small, passionate team bring the Mixlr experience to the Android world.

The app will include live audio streaming, chat, discovery and all the key features that mobile users already enjoy in our successful iOS app.

You will have experience of building at least one non-trivial native Android app. The following attributes would also be advantageous:

* dedication to designing and building fantastic user interfaces

* knowledge of live streaming protocols, especially on mobile

* passion for music apps and/or audio programming

* experience working with JSON and RESTful APIs

* broad knowledge of different Android devices

* experience with test-driven development

* proficiency of at least one other language apart from Java, especially: C, C++, Ruby or JavaScript

For more information please see our dev portal: http://dev.mixlr.com

SEEKING WORK - SF Bay Area / Remote - Long or Short Term Consultation

I am a Product Designer (Interaction Design/UI/UX). I have experience relevant to products from iOS & Android to Large Web Platforms. I typically consult on or perform the following:

  * Product management - strategy, best practices, team building, implementation.

  * Product design - strategy, best practices, team building, process, interaction design, ui design, iconography.

  * Front end dev - I tend to build most things I spec at the very least to a minimum in which there is no chance of fidelity loss from prototype to final product. I've also setup processes for growing teams and established best practices for new hires.

info@bvrgroup.us | http://bvrgroup.us | http://dribbble.com/dylanrw

SEEKING WORK - Remote - Based in Canada

Experienced (13 years) Front end developer available for short and long term remote contracts. I enjoy building amazing websites and user interfaces, with an emphasis on usability and experience. I have experience working with remote teams, managing outsourced contractors, startups (I am the co-founder of a bootstrapped startup).

I have experience working with the following technologies:


- Javascript

- Ruby on Rails


and have also dabbled in Objective-c, Python, and Ruby.

I work well with:

- Remote teams

- Outsourced contractors

- Startups and agencies

- Awesome people

I am not afraid of:

- Learning new technologies

- Working remotely

- Hacking. If I don't know it, I'll figure it out.

Linkedin: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/ryanjanvier

Dribbble: http://www.dribbble.com/ryanjanvier

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ryanjanvier

Email: liquidtrends@gmail.com

Portfolio: http://thinktipi.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote or on-site (Europe/US)

Backend and frontend development, mobile APIs, devops.

I usually do Python, Django, mobile backends, PostgreSQL/*DB, JS, Angular, Scala, Go, system architecture, database design, automation, devops (Ansible, Salt) and whatever it takes to get the job done.

I'm capable of executing all stages of projects, starting from a customer idea and ending with a ready, deployed product. I have a broad technical and domain-specific knowledge (medical, financial, automotive, location-based services, machine-learning, analytics, wavelets) and several years of experience working for startups, business customers and open-source.

I deliver several projects a year. Here's some of my work:



Drop me an email at en@ig.ma

PS. I'm open to cooperation with other freelancers (design, mobile, web, etc.).

SEEKING WORK - Remote, Amsterdam, London

Syadmin as a Service

Do you want to improve your scaling, resilience and reliability, but don't have a full-time Ops person on the team? Why not rent one?

I work with startups and online businesses to help them spend less time worrying about technical problems, and more time growing their business.

How can I help you?

- Expert sysadmin services, on tap - Continuous Integration for your infrastructure - Infrastructure design and implementation - Server maintenance and optimisation (performance and cost) - Quickly get up and running with tools like Puppet

About Me

I'm writing a book on AWS System Administration that will be published by O'Reilly early this year.

Here's an AWS case study for an infrastructure I built: http://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/fashiolista/

If you think these services could help your business grow, let's talk. mike@epitech.nl

SEEKING WORK - Remote, based in London, UK

I'm a Ruby developer based in London, looking for contract work to go alongside my part-time work at a successful YC startup and my undergraduate studies.

I love working in Rails, and have particularly outstanding experience building Twilio applications, from whole-company phone systems to small SMS services. I spoke about a cloud-based phone system I built at Twilio's European conference in 2013.

Apart from that, I have plenty of general Ruby experience, working with clients from charities to web hosting companies. I'm not afraid to work in Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3, and am happy to negotiate on price to find an arrangement that works for you.

https://github.com/timrogers http://timrogers.co.uk/portfolio

Think I can help? Drop me a line at me@timrogers.co.uk.

SEEKING WORK - remote, based in Connecticut

Developer and designer (4+ years), work out of my own shop, Heta (http://heta.co). Primarily develop, design, and customize WordPress themes, or convert PSD designs or HTML/CSS/jQuery to WordPress. I'm also building an app and run my own server as a hobby.

I've worked on complex sites for digital agnecies (30+ templates, 25+ plugins), as well as on smaller sites for small businesses/individuals (10 templates, 10 plugins).

Technologies I use: PHP, HTML, CSS/LESS/SASS, jQuery, CodeIgniter, WordPress, mySQL, ZURB Foundation (3/4/5), Bootstrap, SVN or Git for version control, Fogbugz or Sifter for issue tracking, HipChat to stay in touch. Self-taught and resourceful.

Reach out to me at: hn [at] heta [dot] co (not com). I can send you links to live sites I've developed, sites I've converted to WP, etc.


Hi, iOS developer for 3+ years here, before that I was writing satellite software and firmware in C/C++ for Taiwan's space agency.

I have a couple of personal apps in the app store; the most recent one scratches a personal itch: it uses facial recognition to help you tie a tie in the easiest way possible. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/face-tie/id570542131

I was iOS team lead for one of the major navigation apps in Taiwan, and have since created medium sized apps (over two dozen viewcontrollers) for multiple clients. I also have experience with Python, HTML/CSS, javascript, git/svn. I love working with people who are dedicated to designing the best user experience possible.

You can find me at ray.tsaihong at gmail if interested in discussing work opportunities. Thanks!

SEEKING WORK - Remote (based in LA)

Where I've worked/studied: thoughtbot, ZURB, Coveo, Atlassian, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont McKenna College

Things I do: Back end dev, front end dev, full stack dev, design (I have a partner who designs), code auditing, TDD, long term or short term projects

My usual stack includes: Ruby on Rails, HTML, HAML, CSS, SASS, Heroku, Angular.js, Javascript, jQuery, Postgres, Photoshop, git, Ruby, ZURB Foundation, Responsive design

I can also do: Backbone.js, PSD to HTML, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL

I've worked with over 25 clients in 4 countries and am on the look out for interesting new projects. I won't belabor an explanation of my philosophy and experience on this thread, but please visit http://nealke.mp or email me if you are interested in learning more. You can contact me at me( at )nealke( . )mp

SEEKING WORK - San Francisco Bay Area / Remote

I specialize in building high quality MVPs for startups. One recent client was accepted to Y Combinator and another client was accepted to the "Plug and Play" accelerator after I built their apps.

In addition to full-stack development with Ruby on Rails and Ember.js, I will help you with product direction and feature development. I challenge clients to eliminate unnecessary features which results in cost savings and focused MVPs.

I'm a strong believer in automated testing which translates into a high quality product with little to no user facing bugs. This gives my clients an extremely high level of confidence when adding new features and deploying.

If you're looking for someone to make your vision come to life, give me a call.


Portfolio: http://www.mcgintech.com

email: hn@mcgintech.com

phone: 415.857.3347

Matt McGinnis

SEEKING FREELANCER - NYC/NJ/Remote - Free Music Archive freemusicarchive.org


The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal MP3 downloads directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. We're one of the largest repositories of Creative Commons music on the web, and our curated approach means it's not just free music, it's good music. We're based out of WFMU's magic factory in Jersey City, NJ.


A skilled backend engineer, with solid background in modern languages and techniques. We're looking ideally some overlap with our stack which happens to be PHP/SQL, and for someone who doesn't mind working with legacy code. You'll have the chance to make valued, long-term strategic contributions to the project.

For more info, send a note to andrea -at- freemusicarchive.org

SEEKING WORK -- Remote, Bay Area, or SoCal

I'm a writer. I'm a pretty good one, too. (Feel free to look at my HN history and vehemently disagree, however.) I've been published in Slate, Priceonomics, Harvard Business Review, and other blogs and mags. I've been on NPR a few times, which was pretty darned fun.

By day I'm a marketer and growth optimizer. But recently I've signed a book deal, and I would love to take more time to focus on it. So I'm looking for remote and freelance opportunities. The sort of work that's interesting and pays the bills, or if you're feeling unusually generous, the sort that keeps me in Teslas and Tom Ford.

I do: content, web and app copy, analysis, market research, customer lifecycle communications, voice, PR strategy, etc.

You need: copy that converts.

Please email me if interested: jonfnathanson @ gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote only

I am a full stack web developer with 4 years of experience, My technical skills:


• Languages: C# , JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Google Go, C++

• Tools: Visual Studio IDE (2008, 2010, 2012, 2013), Eclipse IDE, Code Vision IDE,IIS, Apache http server

• Frameworks & Libraries: .net Framework (3.5, 4, 4.5), Asp.net MVC Framework, Nhibernate ,Entity Framework ,Ninject, AngularJs, jQuery ,Underscorejs, twitter Bootstrap, D3js, RequireJs ,HighCharts,

• Concept: SOLID design principle, MVC design pattern, single page web application, Service Oriented Architecture, Restful Architecture

Data manipulation & Analysis:

• Languages: TSQL, PL/SQL, MDX

• Tools: SQL Server (SSAS,SSIS,BIDS, SQL server Profiler), Oracle Database, PL SQL Developer, Power designer, MongoDB , MySQL

• Concepts: OLAP & Data warehousing, Business Intelligence

Also I’m willing to work with other technologies and frameworks as well (Node.js, AWS, Java …)

Email me at hmd.ai.h At gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Washington DC or remote

I love Django/Python development, although I also have experience with PHP, Perl, and a variety of other languages. I can write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by hand, configure and secure your Linux server, and optimize Apache or nginx to help your website scale. I write technical specifications, use comments in my code, and am adept at Git.

Members of this community have been some of my favorite clients. I have created MVPs, debugged troubling technical issues, and provided advice. I love hearing about other people's projects and helping to make the Internet better.

Portfolio: https://marteydodoo.com/portfolio/

Contact: https://marteydodoo.com/contact/

SEEKING WORK - Mannheim, Germany - Remote or onsite

I'm an experienced software developer with a strong full-stack web background. I don't just build your app/site, I'll also help you put the concept together if need be, and I'm good at filling the blanks with underspecified projects.

Server-side (PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js), client-side (HTML5/CSS/JS), also C/C++, ObjectiveC (iOS and OS X development), Java, Ruby, Delphi and many other languages and technologies.

I offer scalability consulting for high-throughput web apps and can make MVPs very quickly.

My background is in working with advertising agencies and scientific companies, and I have a biosciences education as well.



By the way, I would love to do a project with or for a fellow HNer one day...

Looks like your site is down.

Did you have MVP packages before?

SEEKING WORK - Remote or Bay Area

I do full stack web dev, with either Clojure or Ruby/Rails. I did Rails work full time for about the last year, and have been working in Clojure for my side projects for the last few years. I like writing clean, testable, composable, pure functions where possible in whatever language I happen to be working in. I can build a basic responsive UI with bootstrap, but I'm not much of a designer, and I'm decent at Javascript (and Clojurescript), but prefer backend work.

Buzzword bingo:

    Ruby, Rails, TDD
    Clojure, Clojurescript, Ring, Compojure, Datomic
    Postgres, SQL
    AWS, Heroku


I'm a full-stack web developer.


   HTML5, CSS3/Sass, jQuery/CoffeeScript, Bootstrap/Foundation
   Ruby, Sinatra, Rails, VPS/S3/Ubuntu
   Inbound Marketing/SEO
Recent projects/experiments:

   http://railyo.com (400+ users)
   http://assembleyourpc.net (10k+ monthly users)
Checkout my blog (http://blog.sudobits.com, http://rameshjha.com) and github profile https://github.com/rkjha

You can contact me here: ramesh at rameshjha.com.


Work focus: DevOps. System Integration. Infrastructure solution design, evaluation, implementation, deployment, and administration. Performance troubleshooting and management.

Infrastructure focus: Data Storage (SAN, NAS, Object), Public and Private Cloud, Virtual Servers, Backup/Recovery/Archive

10+ years experience with system integration and professional services for data storage networking and associated infrastructure.

Experience: All major storage array, storage network, and storage software vendors, OpenStack, Python, VMware, PHP, LAMP, MySQL, R, Tableau, jQuery, Bootstrap

Familiarity: Big Data, Hadoop, MapReduce, Data Analytics, Backend Web Infrastructure, Web Development

Currently managing a data analytics web service. Involved with a crowd-lending startup as technical co-founder.

Email: sproutat+hn [AT] gmail


My partner and I are working on an interesting VPN company. I am a Yale senior, CS major. My partner is ten years out of Wharton. We are applying to YC for summer batch.

Please email me if you are talented in any of the following areas:

- Python, especially Flask

- Backbone, angular, or ember

- Apiary

- API design

We are following an API centric development process. Over the next couple weeks, this will involve us completing the following tasks:

- Write an API blueprint in form of www.apiary.io

- Use apiary.io to provide API mock server

- Frontend and backend developers work in parallel

- Backend developer responsible for implementing API according to blueprint

- Frontend developer responsible for client side of website

- Client side of website interacts with API, can test with apiary mock server

We want to get started as soon as possible. Please reach out. As I am a CS major and engineer, I will make this a very smooth process for all involved.


EMAIL: miles@5280holdings.com



We're a small team that builds websites and apps for startups and growing companies.

Our past clients include Buddymedia, Crazyegg, Chitika, RE/MAX, Moovweb and more.


User experience


• Usability audits & testing

• Sitemaps & Information architecture

• Sketches & wireframing

• Onboarding users & conversion optimization

• Product strategy

• Content strategy


Web & UI Design


• Landing pages

• Marketing websites

• Applications (admin, backend, interfaces, etc.)

• Redesigns (taking a product and redesigning it from the ground up)


Front-end development




• Javascript

• Responsive (for tablets and mobile devices)


Email marco@masswerks.com and I'll reply within minutes

SEEKING WORK - Remote/On site

I've worked for 3 startups so far doing web development. I'm also a Community TA for the Startup Engineering class and for the Machine Learning class at Coursera (Stanford).

Python/Django/Tornado/GAE Framework: https://github.com/ccarpenterg/todolist https://github.com/ccarpenterg/djangotodos https://github.com/ccarpenterg/tornadotodos

node.js, express.js, ejs, Sequelize, Bookshelf: https://github.com/ccarpenterg/bitstarter

Frontend, jQuery, D3.js, Backbone.js, AngularJS, Bootstrap:




IAAS/PASS: Linode, Heroku, Google App Engine, AWS

Databases: Postgresql, MongoDB, Redis, mysql

Tools: vim, git, Chrome Dev tools, virtualenv, foreman, vagrant, screen, emacs, dotfiles

Machine Learning/Data Science: Octave, R, numpy, sci-kit-learn, pandas. https://github.com/ccarpenterg/ML

Visualization: D3.js, matplotlib

Github: https://github.com/ccarpenterg

Drop me a line: ccarpenterg@gmail.com

SEEKING FREELANCER - Remote (Anywhere)

I'm a designer looking for a Django or Rails developer to build v1.0 of an Analytics-based web app I've designed, documented, and built HTML templates for that are ready to go.

Budget for the whole project is low five figures, i.e. small, so I'm open to anyone, anywhere, with good availability over the next few months.

There's a smaller, more challenging component of the app that I'd also like help with, especially if you have experience with the Google Analytics API. If this is you, I would LOVE to talk to you :)

I have plenty of info explaining the app, so if you're interested just ask and I'll elaborate further :) Drop me (Luke) a line at ldstevens@gmail.com. Thanks!

Thanks for the response guys - I've found someone to take this on :)

SEEKING WORK- Remote or Bay Area

Every website and marketing push involves content. But is your content effectively supporting your business goals? Is it performing as well as you want it to?

Chances are, if you hired a writer, or if you did it yourself, your content could do more to achieve your business goals. The missing ingredient is usually a careful combination of information/UX design, content, and ongoing testing.


If your content is not performing as well as you'd like, or you need new content for your marketing efforts, let me know and I'll gladly take some time to chat with you about potential solutions. If I'm the right fit for your needs, I'll share work samples and work up a proposal.

CONTACT philip@philipmorganconsulting.com

SEEKING WORK - Quebec, Canada - Remote

Philippe Dionne - Experienced Ruby and Ruby On Rails developer

- http://github.com/phildionne

- http://www.linkedin.com/in/phildionne

About me:

- Experience building a multitenant application, maintaining and improving a medium-sized legacy codebase and building a modern and bleeding edge Rails 4.1 application

- Strive for maintainability, scalability and performance

- Adopt Ruby's community best practices

- Actively contribute to opensource

Tools of choice:

- Git workflow

- PostgreSQL, MySQL

- HTML5 & CSS3

- Bootstrap 2.0, 3.0

- Ruby On Rails, Sinatra, Padrino

- Deploying using Heroku and Capistrano

- TDD using RSpec and Capybara

- Continuous integration using Travis CI and CircleCI

- Experience with Spree Rails' based e-commerce solution

- Consume web APIs, such as Github, Twitter, Last.fm and Soundcloud

SEEKING WORK - SF Bay Area - Remote or Local - Long or Short Term Projects

I'm an expert at creating APIs and building client applications (browser-based and mobile apps) powered by APIs.

API Development - I've designed, built, and scaled APIs for many different application profiles, from large complex data models, event subscription architecture, high transaction volume (25K requests/second), to simple REST APIs. I have a lot of experience analyzing data models and use cases to determine API structure, architecture, and recommended implementation. I know the ins and outs of REST vs RPC, JSON vs XML, and hypermedia vs traditional. I've implemented APIs using Rails, Node.js, and Java platforms. Bottom line - if you need an API developed, I can take you through the process from start to finish.

Single-Page JS App Development - I've led development on multiple single-page JavaScript apps in both desktop and mobile environments. I have significant JavaScript experience and have built full applications from scratch using Backbone.js, Ember.js, and AngularJS. Recently I worked with Balanced Payments to build a web interface for their payments platform using Ember.js. The whole project is open source - check it out! https://github.com/balanced/balanced-dashboard

Mobile App Development - I've deployed multiple apps across iOS and Android platforms for phones and tablets. I'm experienced in both native (iOS, Android) and mobile cross-platform HTML (Sencha Touch, JQuery Mobile) development.

Traditional Web Development - While I've spent most of my time lately working on APIs and API-driven apps, I also have ten years of experience doing traditional server-side web development. If you need a Rails or Java generalist to build a product, augment your team or maintain existing code, get in touch!




SEEKING FREELANCERS : Pathable (http://pathable.com) - Seattle or REMOTE Pathable is hiring expert javascript engineers and UI designers. We're innovating how single-page applications are built and we need your help. Our industry leading social networking application is focused on conferences and events. It's 75% JavaScript and 25% Ruby. We support several open source projects including Backbone and QuiltJS. We've embraced remote working to a degree you won't find anywhere else. Learn more: http://www.pathable.com/

Let's talk! mail [at] namanyayg [dot] com.

SEEKING WORK - Based in Budapest, Hungary - Remote only

Back-end Java and Android developer.

Over 9 years of experience in Java. I specialize in the following stack: Wicket, Spring Core, JPA/Hibernate with MySQL, and Jetty; but I'm happy to work with anything else. I think I can help you the best if what you need is an internal or client-facing web app with a fairly complex UI, but this is by no means a requirement. I can also help fixing a previous project for you.

Android developer as well for around 3 years.

I don't do design or front-end myself. I'm happy to work with other developers of your choice, or I can recommend you the ones I've been working closely with over the past few years.

Email on my profile.

SEEKING FREELANCER - Devon, UK or remote

Seeking an experienced developer fluent in HTML/CSS and JS to work on an upcoming project developing a mobile application. Responsive design and Ember (or similar) knowledge is a must. .NET/C# experience is a bonus, as that is what the backend system is running on.

This will initially be a three month project, however if it goes well there will be further work. We are looking for someone to form an ongoing relationship with, if you are local there will be the option of permanent employment.

To apply please email js@blissfulsystems.com. Make sure to include links to your work / profiles, GitHub, LinkedIn / resume and some background info.

SEEKING WORK - Toronto / Montreal / Travel is fine

Are you looking to take an existing application to the next level or build one from scratch? Thinking about rolling out an API? Maybe you're concerned about application security...

We should talk, I'm a full stack engineer with 8+ years experience building secure, distributed applications using Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, JS/Backbone/Meteor, HTML/CSS, MySQL, ... and I'd love to hear from you. It has been my experience that these opportunities tend to be mutually beneficial!

Of late, I've been doing a fair bit of sysadmin work so we could also talk about that if it is of interest.

Until then, gm@gregmcwhirter.com

SEEKING WORK ---- Remote only

I'm a full-stack web developer from Milwaukee, WI looking for Drupal or backend web service projects, or to be a development partner for a designer or agency.

Current focus:

  * Drupal 7 (Usually using Zen with Zen Grids for frontend, 
              Panels/Views/Features/etc for backend)
  * PHP MVC Frameworks (Kohana, CodeIgniter)
  * Backbone.js
  * Sencha Touch
  * Compass/Sass
Previously I've worked with a large range of technologies including five years of .NET and almost a decade of Linux server administration.

Check out my work here: http://weilstreet.com

Contact: karl@weilstreet.com


Portland Maine, Remote work preferred

Full Stack Web Developer/iOS Developer

Python - Django, Flask, Tornado Groovy - Grails Ruby - Rails JS - node.js and express on the backend, backbone - ember on the front end ASP.NET MVC - C#

MySql, Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, redis

I have the most experience with python but I've been working on web applications for 15 years and I have deployed them in several different stacks. I've contributed major parts of 4 iOS and built two completely end to end myself. I'm looking for a part time contract that I can work in the evenings and weekends (15-25 hours a week). Please feel free to shoot me any questions at shawn -at- codeartgames -dot- com . Thanks!

SEEKING WORK - Remote (Coimbatore, India)


I have over 6 years of experience designing logos and building websites for a wide range of clients from across the globe. Thanks to this, I have built up a solid foundation in branding fundamentals and front-end development which I'll be putting to good use when working with you on your projects.

I'm also excited about web apps and the backend which has led me to become quite familiar with the workings of Nginx, Node.js and MongoDB. I'm keenly interested in gaining more experience in this area so please get in touch if you're building on this stack.

My design portfolio is up at dffrnt.com and you can reach me on my email, vijay at dffrnt.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote/On-site

Based in Boston, MA / Providence, RI.

I'm a software engineer with wide experience in dynamic programming languages.

- Expert in Ruby, Python and JavaScript

- Broad understanding of full-stack web development, operations and deployment

- Lots of experience with distributed systems, real-time apps, and software integration projects

- Wealth of experience putting together technical teams, capturing requirements, and mentoring developers

- Background in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics




Buzzwords: ruby, python, javascript, rails, django, node.js, linux, open source, meteor.js, backbone.js

SEEKING WORK - Toronto or Remote

Experienced technical writer and marketing writer. Online/Web help, print/PDF documentation, press releases, Web site copy, FAQs, white papers.

http://www.hiretechnicalwritertoronto.com for more details, or jonathanacohen@gmail.com / jonathanacohen @ Twitter, http://tinyurl.com/ly8g2sw on LinkedIn.

Disclosure: I am looking for full-time local/remote work, but seeking contract work in the meantime. Would rather work with you on larger/longer-term products than one-off short pieces.

SEEKING WORK -- Toronto, Canada -- Remote




Michael Lo - iOS developer (mainly)


Objective-C (iOS)

PHP (Laravel, Drupal)

Front-end (AngularJS, JQuery, Bootstrap, Phonegap/Trigger.io)

Tools (Git, SVN, Grunt, Composer)


Experienced mobile developer. I can work on projects of all sizes, build APIs, help develop architecture and conceptualize ideas. I've been involved from beginning (requirements, analyst) to end (deployment). I love problem solving and building elegant, clean and modern solutions.

Looking to get things done!

SEEKING WORK - New York or Remote

Full-stack web developer who specializes in the front-end, loves vim and TDD/BDD, and who wants to help make your fledging idea a digital reality.

GitHub profile: https://github.com/thirdtruck Personal project: http://rubyai.org

Experienced foremost in:

JavaScript/CoffeeScript (Backbone.js, node.js) HTML/CSS/Sass (Bootstrap) Ruby

Also experienced in: Python Perl Java MySQL

You can reach me at freelance at thirdtruck.org.


Are you a fellow freelancer here in New York? I'm new to the city and would welcome the opportunity to meet a cohort in coding over coffee or tea.

Seeking Part-Time or Contract Work

Philadelphia, PA or Remote

I'm a motivated student with a passion for front-end Android development and full stack web development. I've worked on Android applications and devices used by millions of people around the world, I've built websites for small businesses in South Jersey, and I've hacked together projects to test run new technologies.

  * Email: mike [AT] mhenry [DOT] io
  * Website: http://mhenry.io
  * GitHub: http://github.com/mhenry
  * LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mahenry
Don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

SEEKING WORK - Remote, UK based

I'm an experienced full-stack software engineer. I primarily use Ruby on Rails, but am equally comfortable with JavaScript (frontend & Node) and Erlang.

Recently I've been focusing on building MVPs for startups. A recent client has received funding from the UK government due to the work I did building their platform.

I'm looking to continue working with startups to help them realise their ideas. If this is you, get in touch!


Portfolio: http://lucaspiller.com/

GitHub: https://github.com/lucaspiller/

Email: luca@stackednotion.com

SEEKING WORK - Toronto/Kitchener or Remote

I'm a full stack web developer based in Toronto/Kitchener.

Skills: AngularJS, Node.js, Express.js, Android, D3.js, jQuery, pure Javascript, Photoshop, PostgreSQL, Nginx

Experience: I've written RESTful APIs, survey Widgets, web applications, and Android apps. I also have experience with Arduino (maze solving car), 8085 Assembler, and C (both at a basic level). I'm always open to learning anything that gets the job done.

Portfolio: http://stolarsky.com

Github: https://github.com/EmilS

Email: emil.stolarsky@gmail.com


Visual & UI Designer specialising in working with startups, looking for some great new clients from mid February.

I have experience working with startups, both before and after funding, UX, leading design and front end teams alongside high level design skills in web & mobile.

You can see some examples of my work on http://www.syke.co/ or http://dribbble.com/Jamiesyke and can get in touch with me if you'd like to discuss your project more at jamiesyke@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Belfast, UK - Remote ok.

Full stack web developer specialising in Django and AngularJS. Looking for opportunities to work with interesting companies doing web app development and improving business processes (eg simplification of existing processes, automation of repetitive tasks etc.)

I am also interested in any opportunity to use Go professionally.

In the past I've worked on high traffic sites, large enterprise sites with multiple developers, and for startup companies.

Please email me if you would like to see my CV and maybe we can work together in the future.


Neil Lyons mail@neillyons.io neillyons.io github.com/nwjlyons twitter.com/nwjlyons


Croissant is a creative digital design and web application development shop. Our forte lies in creating beautifully (clicheeeee) designed minimum viable products, websites, landing pages and first iteration/version 1 applications.

We will work closely with you, and converse about your ideas and vision from day one. You will be actively involved throughout the whole creation process.

We currently have openings in our schedule for new clients. Get in touch with us and let's see if we're both a good fit for each other.

hello@croissant.io http://www.croissant.io

Hope to hear from you soon!


I'm a UI designer and a front-end developer. Here's some examples of my work… http://mitchbryson.com

Here's what I do best: - Planning: wireframes, on paper or in Balsamiq - Concepts: Photoshop mock-ups of pages and flows - Build: HTML, CSS and JS. I prefer HAML, SASS and CoffeeScript - Integration: I can integrate into any app or framework.

I've been a designer/developer since 2002. For the last 3 years, I've been focused on helping start-ups design and build their products.

Get in touch via my portfolio or mitchell@blendmode.co.uk. Thanks!

I usually check portfolios just so I keep my own list of good designers, I'm not really seeking to hire any for now but might do so in the future. I checked your website and your works looks very interesting. I did however found two issues.

- I usually like to check sites which are part of the portfolio but I couldn't find any link to the projects which you worked on. I'd say you should consider adding it.

- The type you have chosen doesn't look that good in Windows. If you can't understand why I'm saying this you can reach me and I'll send you some screenshots.

Keep up the good work!

SEEKING WORK - Chicago, Il. or Remote

I'm a front-end UI web developer based in Chicago, Il.

Skills: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, JSON, Adobe CS, Ruby on Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, SASS and AJAX

Experience: I have 5+ years of experience (Fortune 500 companies, digital agencies and tech. startups). Feel free to drop me an email if you'd like to chat about your project (there is no pressure whatsoever to work with me!)

Availability: In approximately 2 weeks I'll be rapping up my current project.

Github: https://github.com/ShanSM

Email: samk9080/at/gmail (Mention HN please)

SEEKING WORK in computer vision, machine learning. Remote or local to Bangalore, India.

8+ years experience, ex-cofounder of tech startup. Freelancing for more than a year.

Topics I've worked on: image binary segmentation, human body pose estimation, face tracking using AAM and warping, color blending, projective geometry, augmented reality, face authentication, change detection, OCR pre-processing, object detection, tracking and recognition, general classifications, etc.

Feel free to connect with me at: linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/link2hemangshah email: hemang.j.shah at 'google's popular email service'

- Hemang Shah

SEEKING WORK: Remote, Based in Australia.

I focus on generating more revenue for your business, so that you get a big return on your investment.


Digital design is my passion and I specialise in Branding Identities and Website Design. I create timeless pieces that drive traffic, increase brand recognition and word-of-mouth referrals for my clients.


I develop mobile-friendly websites that allow users to purchase anywhere, at any time. I design with the intention to specifically elicit a response (eg. purchasing my client's products) from viewers.


Luchia Bloomfield - hello@luchia.com.au Portfolio - www.luchia.com.au Skype - lucybloomfield92

SEEKING FREELANCER - London/SF/Remote - Eat In My Seat eatinmyseat.com


We are early employees of Eventbrite and Uber who have broken off to start Eat In My Seat. EIMS creates a direct communication channel between venues and consumers.

The premise is simple: Imagine you're at a basketball game and it's half time. You really want a beer and a burger, but everyone is queuing up at the concession. Wouldn't it be better to pull out your iPhone, order from the comfort of your seat, and have the food delivered to you?


A Rails or iOS engineer with an eye for usability. Please email buford at eatinmyseat dot com


I have spent the past 5 years as a web developer working with PHP and javascript. The past 3 years I have worked at the senior/principal level. I have experience working remotely.

I have learned a number of languages in my free time, but I wish to branch out professionally and I am willing to learn whatever language and framework you use to build your products.

I am flexible in my work arrangements (eg time availability, contract vs employee, full time vs part time, etc). I am more interested in the engineering challenges.

email me if you would like to see my resume and chat jcclinton24@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote or Toronto

Seeking short term contracts to supplement existing employment.

I am a human/machine interface designer && developer. My work consists of "from scratch" UX and interface design, from the napkin to nginx. I have considerable experience with Ruby and Javascript, years of experience with Rails, and extensive knowledge of client-side MVC.

I've made contributions to Ember.js, and have written multiple 10k+ LOC apps - starting with 0.9 up to the latest 1.0 (one was recently featured on Venture Beat: http://venturebeat.com/2013/07/22/uniiverse-releases-direct-...). I am acutely aware of the challenges/strategies associated with migrating server side architecture into the browser, leaning down views, and fattening up controllers.

I am the author of an open source project called Quant (https://github.com/jdjkelly/quant) - a Rails API + Angular.js app to track "quantified self" data from every manufacturer willing to give it up. My work here was featured on The Verge alongside a similar project by the founder of Foursquare (http://www.theverge.com/2013/6/4/4392996/fitness-tracker-dat...)

Recently, I also contributed to the development of an iOS app, which is now in the app store: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/ticket-manager-by-uniiverse/.... I was responsible for integrating a credit card device reader with an existing checkout API, testing, and delivering a final build to the app store.

Skills: Ruby, Rails, Mongo, Postgres, Sinatra, Node.js, Objective-C, Javascript, Coffeescript, Sass, Ember.js, Backbone.js, Angular.js, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Other tools in the box: Git, Zsh, pencils, pens, paper, Photoshop

Contact is in my profile.

SEEKING WORK: Remote preferred. Based in Malaysia.

Backend software engineer, specializing in Python/Django development. If you have the design, I can turn it into a working website. Looking for part-time gigs (10 hours/week, I currently hold a full-time job). Willing to offer discount to build my portfolio.

Contact details in my profile.


Server-side: Python - Django.

Database: Postgresql

OS: Ubuntu, OSX

Infrastructure: AWS, Linode, Vagrant, Git.

Devops: Ansible

Others: I have experience building reporting systems, web crawlers and APIs.

Front-end: Basic HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery - I don't do much design work.

SEEKING WORK - Remote or Warsaw/Poland

I am a full stack web developer located in Warsaw, Poland. I am especially well versed in the following technologies:


* Django

* Flask

Web Frontend

* AngularJS


* CSS3

* JavaScript

* Bootstrap, Foundation, SASS, Compass

* chances are I have at least a passing familiarity with any web related technology that the industry is currently buzzing about


* PHP, PostreSQL, Photoshop

In the past I have worked for corporate clients, small businesses, start-ups and individuals. I feel right at home in any kind of project, be it just an idea that needs to take form or a legacy application with tons of dependencies and scarce documentation.

Contact me at igor.kalat * gmail.com or using following phone number: +48 501-414-062

SEEKING WORK - San Fransisco Bay Area or Remote

I'm a Rails developer with several years of experience and a CS degree. My area of expertise is building APIs and integrating with external services. I will build out your MVP quickly or help engineer an existing product. Lets talk in person, hangout, or skype.


  Ruby on Rails
  3rd party APIs (Twilio, Facebook, Google, etc.)
  HTML / CSS / Javascript



ncrandall at gmail

SEEKING WORK - CA - remote

Full-stack Python web developer. I build full sites from scratch using Python/web.py and HTML/CoffeeScript/SASS. If you have an idea, I can build an MVP for you.

I work at a fixed price with a fixed deadline. For projects under $2k, no need to pay me until I'm done.

last personal project: http://robotgame.org

github: http://github.com/brandonhsiao

email: bh@brandonhsiao.com

Vegas based consultant (sometimes in LA/SF). Full stack developer. Experienced in Frontend, Rails & Node based apps. Glut of other language experience as well (CS Degree).

Available in April

Javascript architecture and advanced dev (backbone, single page apps, ember, react, game dev). Also experienced with ux/ui design.

Available for remote or on-site consulting. I'm happy traveling on site for the start of a project and then continuing remote. Would prefer 1-2 month gigs.

nate wienert at gmail.

SEEKING WORK - Small remote team from Ukraine is about Clojure, web/data development.


We are experienced generalists (13 and 10 years in IT dev for me and my brother - partner). Were working with C and Asm and to C# and Java in our careers.

Recently trying to give a shot with Clojure consulting, as we are really experiencing all the benefits of rapid and robust development with it.

Already had some projects from US, seeking for more.

SEEKING WORK - San Francisco, CA – Prefer local (not necessarily in your office), remote negotiable

Mobile engineer with experience shipping Android and iOS apps. Preferably short-medium term projects. My most recent work included porting an iOS app to Android from scratch.

Preferred work: Java/Android, iOS/Obj-C

email: rob /at/ alwaysallthetime.com

Actively working on some stuff over here: http://github.com/rrbrambley

SEEKING WORK: REMOTE Location: Belgium

PHP dev with 7+ years experience

I've done lots of projects as a freelance consultant in Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, CakePhp and tend to be up to speed in a new project in almost no time at all. Am finishing my first Yii project right now.

Early in my career I also ran my own psd to html conversion service, so I know a thing or two about front-end as well.

Contact me on http://lnkd.in/pxbvVs

SEEKING WORK - remote-only (Eastern Daylight Savings time)

We are a small group of developers specializing in relational database-driven applications. We have a lot of experience with digging into other people's old, broken code and fixing it, quickly. Cleaning up and consolidating legacy databases is our bread and butter. No hairy ball of spaghetti code is too big for us. We do the work your own developers are too afraid to tackle.

Find my email in my profile.

SEEKING WORK - Brooklyn/NYC or Remote

I'm a designer and developer who can swiss army knife a lot of different tasks. I do front-end/back-end (wordpress/drupal/node.js), graphic design, interface design, branding, UI/UX etc. I'm more of a front-end guy/designer than an engineer but I believe I'm pretty good at ramping up on most things.


SEEKING WORK : Remote || SF Bay Area || SoCal I will travel to meet you in person and work onsite.


Front-end Engineer and Interactive Designer


My specialties are:

• Mobile web development with progressive enhancement

• JavaScript and CSS animations

• Data visualization

• PSD to responsive web development conversions

• Interaction design and user experience design


My focuses are:

• Reliable and constant communication

• Fast turnaround times

• Honesty and transparency

• Integrity

• Delivering stellar production-ready code


I have good experience with:

• Working with agencies and startups

• Producing large web apps

• Multivariate testing

• Co-working with teams


Check out http://mibake.co to learn more about me, my skills, and the value that I bring to your projects.


Web & mobile design/dev. A bit of an all-rounder.

Past things I done: Ecommerce, API's, apps for iOS and Android, intranets, medical compliance systems, CMS, CRM, surveying, events/ticketing, blah de blah. I can build your MVP or help further along the path!

General skillz...


* HTML 5, CSS, Javascript

* PHP (Codeigniter, Laravel, more...)

* Responsive-ness, bootstrap, zurb or hand-coded...

Mobile / Apps (iOS or Android):

* Titanium

* Phonegap

Happy with git or mercurial, some general server admin, AWS etc.

I'm UK based and happy to supply links and examples of previous work!


Skills: iOS development (also experience with Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Android/Java)

Contact: kieran[at]hotrodsoftware[dot]com

About: I've been developing iOS apps professionally for 5 years. Worked on a large variety of projects and enjoy taking on new challenges and working with the latest technologies. I've had my own and clients apps reach top positions on the App Store. I'm currently seeking new clients for remote work.

SEEKING WORK - Remote (or Chicago)


My name is Steven Degutis.

I'm a full-stack polyglot multi-platform Engineer with UX experience.

I’ve done apps for web, desktop, and mobile, but my heart is in desktop apps.

My workflow is doing short (1-week) iterations that add business value, where the product is fully usable at the end of each iteration.

I’m looking for part-time work (10-hours per week).


Proficient with:

* Clojure, Ring, Compojure, Hiccup, GardenCSS

* ClojureScript

* Datomic

* iOS, AppKit

* Cocoa, Objective-C

* Rails, Sinatra

* Web (full-stack)

* User Experience (UX) Design

* Ruby, Go, C

* SQL (using a native ORM)

* User Interface (UI) Design for Desktop


Some experience with:

* Java, Swing

* Windows: WinForms, WPF, XAML

* Windows 8 apps

* Python, Django


My weaknesses:

* Responsive Design

* The JavaScript language (I usually use ClojureScript instead)

* User Interface (UI) Design for Web

* Java, Android

* Chef, designing infrastructures from scratch



* cleancoders.com: a web app written in Clojure, ClojureScript, Datomic, Ring, Compojure, and Hiccup. I wrote both the front-end and back-end, designed the architecture, and have been the sole developer.

* Bahamut: a lightweight music player for Mac OS X, written in native Cocoa and Objective-C. Source code on github: https://github.com/sdegutis/bahamut



* Email: sbdegutis gmail com

* I use Skype for most communication, which is usually fastest and most convenient for both of us

* If you’re local (Chicago-land area), I can meet in person once a week


SEEKING WORK - Based in Los Angeles - Remote

Full Stack Web developer and iOS/OSX developer.

Technologies I am proficient with:

- Python

- Node.js

- Go

- Clojure

- Objective-C

- Javascript

Specialize in data-driven applications, which involve:

- Data Visualizations

- API integration and custom web services

- Data mining and complex data workflows

Email: adrian@adrianmoses.com




SEEKING WORK - Chicago - Remote

I'm an experienced Android developer with several published apps, both for myself and for clients. I'm looking to take on 1, maybe 2 mid-sized projects within the next month. I have an Android designer who can work with me. All my apps follow Google's design guidelines and can be tablet-optimized as well.

Please reach out at tony.chuinard@gmail.com if you'd like to chat more.

SEEKING WORK - New York City (NYC) or remote

Full-stack web developer with focus on front-end (javascript/jquery/backbone) and phonegap/cordova. Experienced with php, mySQL, html5, css3, AJAX, JSON, and photoshop.

Currently working on personal projects, but looking for freelance/contract work.

Background and contact info listed at http://aakilfernandes.com


Get more users: Understand and optimize your acquisition funnel.

I help start-ups measure and visualize their user acquisition funnels. Then I optimize steps of the funnel to get more qualified traffic into one end and more users/customers/leads out the other.

Currently working with several fantastic startups, but always happy to chat with new ones to see if I can help.

greg at gkogan dot co

(keywords: marketing, growth, conversion)


Freelancer in Florida

- Responsive Design - HTML 5 / CSS 3 - PHP - JS - Skeleton / Bootstrap / WP - SEO on page / PageSpeed - CAD & customization - AutoLISP - Logo Design - Content Writer

Contact: http://alanclimer.com/contact.htm

Sample: http://orlandovibe.com/


I'm looking for rich-client HTML5 projects, particularly mobile (with or without PhoneGap) and enterprise / line-of-business projects.

I'm a full-stack developer and consultant with 15+ years experience. I focus on the following technologies: Sencha Touch, ExtJS, Backbone.js, Ruby on Rails and Node.js.

Enterprises or start-ups, please email me at barry[at]barrypeerless[dot]com. Thanks!

SEEKING WORK - Remote, Iceland.

Sysadmin with deep understanding and knowledge of best practices regarding:

Privacy / Anonymization technologies and practices

Server Co-location / Web-hosting

Operational Security

Open Source Crypto tools

I can provide hosting reccomendations here in Iceland as well as Remote Hands work. Also deeply interested in knowledge about Icelandic law regarding technologies like Tor, Bitcoin and Internet Infrastructure.

admin@icetor.is gpg keyid EB9A5142

SEEKING FREELANCER - Remote OK after the first month. London UK (Marylebone)

Seeking a developer fluent with HTML/CSS and JS to work on the front end of a suite of e-commerce websites and the accompanying tooling.

Responsive design experience is a must. SASS and ASP.NET MVC experience is beneficial.

Initially looking for a three month contract, possibility to extend.

Shoot me a mail if you want more info: amarsuperstar@gmail.com


~5.5 years of work experience

  * Java (Android ~3.5 years)
  * HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  * Node.js
  * PHP (Magento)
  * Requirements and Architecture Design
  * Project Management
  * Open to learn new tech as and when required
Based in India. Link to CV in my profile.

--- Feel free to contact me for any help on open source projects as well ---

(hypr DOT geek AT gmail DOT com)


I've co-founded startup called movidhep.com which is coded in C# Asp.net MVC and uses RavenDB as a backend.

We've got a couple of projects that we need some help with.

One of the projects is very ravendb centric so if you have experience there definitely shoot me an email.

Another project involves recording a video from a mobile app and uploading it to vimeo and/or elsewhere.

Ready to help you on c# , asp.net mvc part. arjuns(dot)sapkota(at)gmail.com

Two queries:

1- Any non .NET work? 2- How to contact?


Hi, I'm a freelance software developer in Duisburg, Germany. I build web and desktop applications, with an extra focus on business, ecommerce, and operations research.

Main technologies: C++, Python + Django, JavaScript + web front-end

Portfolio and contact details: http://www.dopfer-software.de/


We're small agency located in Eastern Europe. We do both design and coding, building projects from the ground up.

Latest apps:

http://taskthemall.com/ (on the way) http://geekjob.ru/ 10K+ users

Our stack:

(ASP.NET MVC, C#) || (Node.Js, JavaScript)

Best money for value!

Write to my email: roman.pushkin@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote/Freelance Python/Django/jQuery, with extensive experience building e-commerce marketplaces. I have a research background, data analysis, playing around with NLP right now. I run a django dev shop, currently taking gigs for it. Here's my portfolio:

* http://www.cloudshuffle.com/

* http://www.sidmitra.com/portfolio.html

Contact details in my profile or the link above. Here're some examples from my portfolio:

* http://turbotaxcpaselect.intuit.com - Turbotax CPA Select, to help select accountants.

* http://www.ecomarket.com - An online marketplace for ethical and eco friendly products.

* http://www.teaspiller.com - An online marketplace for tax experts. [Recently acquired by Intuit]

* http://www.knowyourbank.com

* http://www.hypedsound.com/ - a music sharing platform, working on V2.

* http://www.garnishbar.com - social network, to share mixed drink recipes * http://www.fratmusic.com - an online radio streaming app serving over 1.3 million uniques a month.

* http://loudfarm.com - A music event site.

* Wisekangaroo: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xpnngdyfgkgz8y2/1OnDFiIkiV - Find a tutor. Working on relaunch in a new avatar

* http://fertilityplanit.net/ - A niche social network for women to privately and securely discuss fertility issues.

Github: http://github.com/sidmitra

Homepage: http://www.sidmitra.com

SEEKING FREELANCER - Remote / Milano, Italy - Yolo Apps

We are a young, agile and international team that has previously worked with the top companies all over the world, such as Apple, Toyota and Redbull.

We're looking for freelancers to design and code iPhone and Android apps.

How to apply: email nicolas,yoloapps,us with your portfolio and a list of skills.


Expert in Java, web scraping, web crawling, big data, webapps.




$100/hr or flat-pricing

SEEKING WORK: Remote or San Francisco Bay Area

Ruby [+ Rails], Clojure [+ Om Pedestal], JavaScript [+ Backbone.js Ember.js React], CoffeeScript, Python, C developer seeking short-term or long-term gigs.

Some sample projects here: http://projectdeck.herokuapp.com/

SEEKING WORK - On-site (Montreal, Canada) / Remote

iOS Developer Freelance (Objective-C, iPhone/iPad)

Web: http://skyriser.com/

Email: info@skyriser.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/christiancomeau

SEEKING FREELANCER - Chicago, IL - remote possible

Federis Group We're a small software consultancy looking for front end and full stack engineers. Rails and/or mobile experience a plus, but not strictly required. Our team is based in Chicago, but we're open to remote as well.

Contact: ben@federisgroup.com


Full Stack PHP Web Developer seeking freelance work (or full time employment).

Recent completed work:



Portfolio: http://giamban.co

No project is to big or to small.

SEEKING WORK - Remote - Based in NYC

Been creating websites and web applications for 10 years.

Experienced in:

- PHP, MySQL, HTML(5)/CSS(3), JavaScript, Python




Android developer is needed to create a small native app from scratch (Targeting Android 4.0+). Work to ideally commence on Monday February 10. On site developer is preferred but I will consider remote -- we're based 5 minutes from Oxford Circus tube station.

Contact details? Your email address isn't shown in your profile.


Lambda is a talent agency for freelance developers and designers. We help you find clients, negotiate for higher rates, and take care of the business side of freelancing.

  - Exceptional talent only: $100/hr minimum rate.
  - No recruiters or spam. We're developers too and we only match consultants with projects that fit their expertise and interest.
  - Serious clients only: Wanna hear about a disruptive social network for cats that "just needs a coder"? Neither do we.
  - Freelancers with side projects or startups are especially welcome!
If that's appealing, you can read more and sign up at: http://getlambda.com/

We've posted about this on HN a few times and have been amazed by the response. I apologize in advance if it takes a while for us to get back to you -- we interview everyone personally and are still ramping up the process.

Right now, we're particularly looking for NYC Rails, Django, and iOS devs.


We are a small team of Ruby and JavaScript developers available for hire. We can help you design, develop and maintain your next application. From the initial idea to a running website.

Find out more at http://sensible.io

SEEKING WORK - UK, remote preferred

Hi, I am looking for web scraping projects.

Languages: Perl, Python

Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL

Other Skills: data parsing, regular expressions, multi-threaded scraping, Linux, AWS S3/EC2, Heroku, Git, Rails, parsing html/xml/json, statistics and machine learning.

Email: dmn001 at gmail.com


I am based in NYC and am a fullstack developer. Skills: JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Node, Backbone, Grunt, Redis, Neo4j, MongoDB, MySQL, Python, Linux, Ubuntu.



Hi. I'm a full stack engineer looking for short or long term contracts. I've been working lately in client side MVC apps (Angular) and Node.

Portfolio: www.andrewsamuelsen.com Github: www.github.com/andypandy


Andrew andrew.samuelsen@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK: REMOTE Location: Lithuania

- iOS/Mac (native objective-C) 3+ years experience - Ruby on Rails 4+ years experience - Javascript 5+ years experience, including one-page web apps back in IE6 days

- self-proclaimed UI/UX expert :)

Email: mantas at idev.lt

SEEKING WORK - Remote, Middle East Based

- iOS/Android camera apps and computer vision libraries

- Published Android app doing 10k downloads per month (http://radc.am)

- 2 iOS apps in beta

Reach me out at mohd [dot] moubarak [at] gmail

SEEKING WORK - Remote or Los Angeles -------- I am a freelance UI/UX designer specializing in apps. Check out some of my work at http://sandersUI.com


I'd like to pair with someone to learn Ember with/from on a healthcare startup site (privately funded). An affinity for Rails is a plus. Can trade with work or bitcoins.

I'm also learning embers and use it in a interesting open source project. I like rails and use it in my several projects. We can work together.

Can you please contact me. i am interested, im a ruby, angular interested in Ember . Email is [ericthegoodking]@[gmail.com]

SEEKING WORK - Skopje, Macedonia - Remote - WordPress, Front-end Development, Visual Design.


SEEKING WORK - Remote or periodical onsite. Based in Georgia, Europe.

Experienced C++ engineer with a diverse background, including systems programming and rich cross-platform software development.

E-mail: zura.jobs 'at gmail.com

SEEKING Work - Remote only - SF Based

Learned Ruby in 2002 and started working with Rails professionally in 2006.


SEEKING WORK - San Francisco or remote http://linkedin.com/in/jamespollack Full-stack Javascript Engineer


I am a fullstack Ruby/Javascript developer. I have been working with ruby/rails framework for the past 4 years . Below are the Technologies/frameworks that i use most of the time.




-Angular Js


Other Interests

-Natural Language Processing

-Machine Learning

-Learning new things

Email [ericthegoodking]@[gmail.com]


Full-stack developer from Sydney, Australia. I'm a Javascript (Node.js), Python and C expert.


cohara87 (at) gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Ontario, Canada - Remote

Designer / Developer with a large range of experience. Mostly focused on web (js) and Android lately.

www.alexpineda77.com @alexpineda77

I'm eager to hear from you

SEEKING WORK - Remote. Rails developer since 2006. http://www.colinabartlett.com/

SEEKING WORK - MONTREAL or remote - Android - WEB

Technologies :



-Javascript ( angular js )

-common sense of UX & UI

* i like working with designer, other developer, startups, agengies.

contact : damiendamien1]at[gmail]dot[com



SEEKING WORK -- Cologne, Germany or REMOTE -- preferably part-time

Developer & Designer



Seeking an expert PhoneGap developer to help take our innovative app to the next level. Contact me at jake@minnow.io

App is ListRunner, a collaborative tool for teams of doctors.


Happy to answer questions and share more information by email: phzbox at gmail.

Seeking Work - Remote/Willing to Travel

Front-end (HTML5/JavaScript)

Back-end (PHP/WordPress)

$80/hour. Email on my profile.

Seeking freelancer:

Looking for a great ios developer. Remote or Montreal.

Hey, I'm an iOS developer based in Seattle. How do we reach out to you?


- Python

- Pylons, Pyramid, Django, Flask

- Javascript

- Sqlalchemy

- Postgresql

Contact: dev@solaris.io


Creator of xtopdf, a PDF creation toolkit for Python (used by Packt Publishing, the Software Freedom Law Center, ESRI.nl and others.) xtopdf can create both business reports and ebooks, and currently has support for the following input formats: text, DBF, CSV, TSV/TDV, XLS, XLSX, DOCX, ODBC, SQLAlchemy, MongoDB, XML, Microsoft Access, SQLite, Berkeley DB, and standard input. xtopdf runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. It includes both a library you can call from your apps, and command-line tools, GUI tools (in wxPython), and web-based tools (Flask, Bottle and CherryPy).

xtopdf links:






Independent developer for the last several years, with many years of experience in many tech areas. Contracted/consulted to multiple startups based in USA and India. Earlier worked for large well-known US and Indian software companies.

Skills: Good - Python, C, Linux, UNIX, many open source technologies, databases, XML-RPC, PDF programming, file and data format conversion, data munging, command-line utility development. Some: Flask, MongoDB, Bottle, various others.

Worked on Ruby, Rails and Java some time earlier. Server lead / senior engineer for two commercial Rails-based dot-com products earlier, by US companies.

Databases worked on: Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MySQL, SQLite, HSQLDB, MS-Access, Postgres.

Worked on a best-selling retail banking product (earlier, in C with proprietary DB and UI libs). Was team leader for a database middleware product widely used in client projects by a top software company.

Relevant links:

Biz site: http://www.dancingbison.com (see Home, Products, Services, About pages there)


Posts about Python:


Posts about xtopdf:


Blog: http://jugad2.blogspot.com

Article by me about "Developing a Linux command-line utility" (in C) was published on IBM developerWorks and translated by IBM into Chinese and Japanese for those versions of their site. Some organizations have developed production command line tools using that article as a guide.

Contact info: http://dancingbison.com/contact.html (email, Skype). Twitter: @vasudevram

SEEKING WORK - Based in Seoul, Korea - Remote


Sardor Muminov

Email: smuminov[at]gmail[dot]com

Skype: sardor.muminov

Github: github.com/muminoff


Full stack web developer



• Django

• Flask/SQLAlchemy

• Tornado


• PostgreSQL

• Redis

• Node.js (express.js, socket.io)





• Unix

• Linux

• SVN, Git

• tmux


SEEKING WORK - Remote; Belgium; UK, Manchester area

I speak English and Dutch near fluently. I am experienced with C and Make based builds. I have some familiarity with Win32 and x86 assembly, mainly SIMD usage.

Contact info and examples on my profile page: https://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=J_Darnley

SEEKING WORK - remote (or Vancouver, BC)

LAMP/jQuery/Android developer looking for contract work. I can send you my CV, github account, please click on my username for contact information.

SEEKING FREELANCER - I created this meetup group earlier this year for iOS and Android freelancers: http://www.meetup.com/ios-android-freelancers/

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