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To speak of evolution when your time frame is 2008-2012 is somewhat far fetched. But I believe I see a reassuring trend here: http://porngram.sexualitics.org/?q=erlang%2C+clojure%2C+Ada%...

Still, when performance matters, C is the blows all the others away by large:


Disclaimer: all puns intended

Omg, look at C. It outperforms everything... http://porngram.sexualitics.org/?q=erlang%2Cclojure%2CAda%2C...

As someone pointed out below, this just looks at substrings so looking for "C" means looking for any words that has the letter "C" in it.

I would be terrified if "brainfuck" had a nonzero frequency.

I wouldn't bet hard money that it doesn't exist, there is always Rule #34.


And yet, somehow very surprised.

And Ruby is way ahead of Python:


This comment made my day :D

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