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Quite fun!

Next: provide the porn industry a simple markov chain script to generate probabilistic porn movie titles, and save them all those incredibly tiresome brainstrom sessions they must have to create new titles :)

This reminds me of the first time I implemented a markov chain text generator. We were at a LAN party so we looked on the public network shares to find a corpus of text files to use as input.

The first thing we found was a copy of the bible and the second thing we found was someones collection of porn stories.

The start of the output was "He slipped his tongue into the lord..."

"... and Lord came unto him"?

Standard missionary work.

I think the interesting part about all this is how it changes over time. I have this impression that the whole area of sex is still and always has been a weird reflection on society at large. I would be curious, for example, for a much longer term graph comparing frequency of the two words 'hardcore', and 'love'.

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