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Show HN: Unregistered word.tld domain names for your project (dictionarydomains.co)
128 points by thiele on Jan 29, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 61 comments

Hey HN,

Over the weekend, I built Dictionary Domains to make it super easy to find unregistered {word}.{tld} domains for your next project.

There's some pretty great tools out there that help find domains: I really like Lean Domain Search and back in the day I used Bust A Name a ton. But really, I'm a huge fan of simple verb/noun/adjective domains. I'd happily compromise on the .com extension to get something clean and meaningful.

Here's some of my favorites from the site:

kaput.io proud.cc jud.ge measly.co quaint.io punch.cc closed.cc bubble.io stran.ge chilly.io rainy.io dama.ge puny.io quicke.st

Hopefully you find it helpful!

Hey, nice site. I actually built a very similar tool a few months ago:


I don't know if I should hate you or love you. I got an awesome domain even though I had decided last year that I will never buy a domain ever again.

Great project, well done.

Pretty nice. A suggestion though: it would be nice to be able to search by synonyms or definition rather than just exact words. That way if you know you're searching for something to do with eg. "mail", you'd get a set of words that are (at least tangentially) related to it that you can choose from.

This is an awesome, simple idea. There's something to be said about simplicity. I wish I had an idea like that!

I love it! I registered one of the domains with Namecheap for 5 years. Hope you get some commission from it.

What domains did you buy before publicizing this?

A great idea. I bought three.

Also, thanks for not using GoDaddy. It's one of the reasons I decided to make some buys.

Posting this here is like bringing a bottle of bourbon to an AA meeting.

I said something earlier like this, but this is a much better analogy.

Sort by length brings up some fun results that nobody wants: Sore, Gamy, Lewd, Nosy, Pale, Damp, Dull and Glib. They sound like foul dwarves.

EDIT: it goes on for pages and pages. quite an alarming list of words. you could try and turn them into poetry but it might be a bit upsetting.

LUL, thanks for the bug report. I'll take a look!

Awww, don't change it! At least add a button to put the wonky unloved words back in.

This is like the holy grail for domain squatters - hopefully they don't read HN.

Also, mad props on the "domain hack" feature.

Ugh. HN jerks have already added them all to their carts on 101domains, so you can't check out.

Actually people who are knowledgeable in the domain business do not waste time speculating with .me .io .cc .whatever because the market is so limited to resale. Chance of selling one of those is exceedingly slim.

Many .io and .me domains have sold for 5 figures. buy.me went for over $155,000. I have personally sold many for 4 figures.

Yeah I was thinking this was a great gift to them too.

Buy early ;)

This triggering a maddening desire to make some impulse purchases. Well done.

It definitely triggers a 'Fear Of Missing Out' response.

DAA = Domain Addicts Anonymous.

There should be a support group.

Ha. So true.

DomainAddictsAnonymous.com is taken btw :(

I'm now up to 22 names owned thanks to this site. :P

If you only own 22, consider yourself lucky lol, I'm in way deeper.

also a victim of op.. I'm up to 15, though I do plan on using all of them.

We all plan on using all of them. :(

Already found & bought a domain (& marked it as taken :D) Thanks for such an awesome site!

That's awesome! Now build cool stuff with your new name :)

Wouldn't it be nicer if the domain names were divided alphabetically into 26 labelled pages? Right now it's 29 and difficult to browse.

I couldn't figure out how to filter by .com

Are all .com dictionary words simply taken?

Yeah, legit .com dictionary words are all taken. You can sometimes find really obscure ones, but none of the ones on Dictionary Domains are available as .com.


Man, I wrote a script to do this for .com names like 15 years ago. I probably should have bought a couple.

Ha, yeah, it'd be interesting to see which domains on there became valuable and/or successful companies.

After I made this I saw Andy Baio did a list back in 2002 too: http://waxy.org/projects/domains/

What a great weekend project - thanks for putting this together!

challen.ge is my favourite from the page; it'd be great for hackathons/competitions/any sort of challenging or educational app.

This looks very nice, any chance you'll add per TLD filtering? Eg. only show me .com, .us and .io but not .ly Synonyms would also be great as others have mentioned

Edit: Ah I should have clicked the TLDs :)

Edit 2: And on the Desktop just noticed the filter button, sorry, that one is invisible when I view the site on my phone

There's a filter button there too where you can select the TLD you want to see.

The best part about this site is figuring out what exactly might be a good use for things like creepy.io :)

There really ought to be a contest like this. Who ever wins gets the domain

What about a hackathon or something where they give your team a product name and you have to build something fitting?

It's funny how product ideas pop up once you see a certain name.

This is the reason why I have over 30 domains :(

It used to be more, I let a lot of them expire over the last year

I find that can be a quick way to think up solutions without problems!

When given the chance to register a domain for free, I chose 0-z-0.com. The idea was that it's a simple, generic domain. I now host things at something.0-z-0.com and if it becomes more than a weekend project I might migrate it to its own domain.

In the URL: words?utf8=✓

Nicely done.

This is default Rails form functionality.

can I ask what exactly that is doing? some kind of capability test for utf8?

Basically, if the GET variable returns a check/tick, then they support UTF-8. Otherwise, no.

Love it! Simple, clean and really useful. Do you plan to keep adding words as time goes on?

Yep, I plan on adding more words and some additional domain extensions. Follow me on twitter for updates: twitter.com/justinthiele

Done :)

Welp, you've already made me buy one of them.

Any chance you could do filtering based on some of them? For example, some of them you need to have a local presence to register.

Great site.

Just bought rhyme.io. Thanks for the site!

Any chance to opensource this? Will be very useful for implementing in another languages and non-english countries.

I find domai.nr quite useful and comfy:


Nice work. Pretty sure Bieber is going to snatch up all the Alleged domains and extensions.

Nice idea. New project domain purchased (and marked). Come at me weekend.

No .com?

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