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How to Get Started with PyCharm and Have a Productive Python IDE (pedrokroger.net)
16 points by kroger 1356 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

OP here. I'm curious to know what people think about the post.

I'm specially interested to know what you think of the screenshots (too many?, too few? too small? too big?) and if you prefer the animated gifs (there are a couple) or a video (there's a short one).

I'm in the process of evaluating PyCharm and now intend to buy it as soon as my trial runs out. Your post is a great overview. The screenshots and gifs were fine. I didn't watch the video as I already set up my virtualenv. Thanks for the post!

Thanks! Let me know if you need help.

That was an excellent post - much appreciated, and I enjoyed the descriptions.

If you’re looking for a reader for your book, I’d be happy to be involved!

Your principal complaint about people using Vim/Emacs as Python IDEs is that to do so requires customisation of the default configurations. Yet, in this post, you go on to include fairly lengthy instructions on how to customise PyCharm to use as an IDE!

Nevertheless, the post is well written and easy to follow. The screenshots are useful if you're scanning to see what the content is before committing to actually reading the whole thing.

We'll the question is only in how many changes you have to perform to make PyCharm best fit to your needs and how many changes you have to do to make an editor be an IDE... At least to look like IDE. And one product as a solution is most probably always better than many (editor + plugins), because one product always more stable, more tested, provides a solution not a set of tools. And imagine the programming department which want the same tool for all developers - the best thing is to take a ready-to-use solution. Vim/Emacs are great, they solve "editing" task best of all alternatives. PyCharm solves "programming in python" task best.

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