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Ask HN: Are github pages down?
5 points by vivekprakash on Jan 27, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
I am not able to access the blog http://engineering.hackerearth.com/ which is hosted via github pages. It shows the error related to varnish cache.

Error 503 Backend is unhealthy Backend is unhealthy Guru Meditation: XID: 2373250785 Varnish cache server

Ahh no, I've just submited to HN my new library https://github.com/salboaie/harvests (simpler replacement to promises and flow control libraries)

What is the point in this thread? http://status.github.com will answer that question. HN doesn't need threads asking / telling people whether things are down

Either GitHub is making headway in mitigating the DDoS attack, or not all GH pages sites were affected. (My repos pages are working fine.)

Github gets DDoS'd a lot more than I'd expect. How did they even make enemies like that?

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