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Not knowing Middleman, I initially read the title (currently "Three Middleman Hacks We’re Using On This Site") as "Three Man-in-the-Middle hacks We're Using on This Site.

Risky click!

Oh, I hadn't thought about the potential for confusion! Curious to know if that's how most people will parse it…

Same. I got super excited to learn about some fresh MITM goodness. Middleman looks interesting as well, though. :)

For some reason I read it as "Mediterranean" first, but by the time I got the visual buffet of Mediterranean dishes and trying to cope with one hacking such a thing, I also began to see it as MITM hacks.

I read it exactly the same.

It is how I parsed too.

Another person thinking it was about MITM.

Yes, me too. God, why does anyone pick a project name like that?

It's really only confusing in this particular context, or to be precise, this particular sentence. Similarly, "Metropolitan Transportation Authority Invests Heavily in Rails" doesn't really make "Ruby on Rails" a particularly confusing project name.

Well, to be fair, Middleman translates authoring files (sass, yaml, haml, etc) into ready-to-publish static assets. It can also be wired to liveroad so that it instantly updates what you see in the browser. In that workflow, the name really makes sense to me.

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