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If you are concerned, please support ukrainians here: http://www.helpeuromaidan.info/donate

Just don't be naive and understand that you are supporting not ukrainians but some (minor? worst?) part of them.

thanks for the `worst' part

There are corrupted but legal government on one side and opposition that tries violently take power on other side. Sure it isn't obvious choose as you try to present it.

> corrupted but legal government

How do these things go together? They are passing laws in clear violation of the usual process. Of course everything a corrupt government does is legal, since they just make whatever laws they need... you could say the same about Nazi Germany, and it'd be technically correct.

Also, the "legal government" is also trying to violently stay in power, while the protesters stayed peaceful until they were brutally attacked (by now, some have been murdered). So claiming the government has some sort of moral high ground is kinda rich, if you ask me.

> Sure it isn't obvious choose as you try to present it.

Are you projecting? The poster just posted a donation link, and then you claimed it's a clear-cut situation of a "corrupted but legal government against people violently trying to take power".

> just posted a donation link

Poster trying to represent link as donation for ukrainians, and this is lie. This is help for specific political forces. Someone may think they a better than current government, but they for sure isn't "the people" as poster trying to represent. I wont go into political discussion anyway, it isn't topic for HN.

It's not the political opposition but the people who are on the other side. Looks like you used the biased sources of news. Let's just stop this for now, HN is not for politics.

I'm not speaking about politics here. You are calling to support one side and I just want to make very clear that when you are helping one side you are not helping "the people", you are not helping "ukrainians", you are helping conrete doubtful political forces to take power.

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