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I'm in south america and it is on the news too

I'm in the USA, it's not about snow or football, so it's (embarrassingly) not front page news on the various tv news sites. It is showing up on the nytimes & washington post. so that's something.

I'm in the USA, am I'm aware of it - but only because I listen to NPR on my commute and I'm signed up for the Quartz Daily Newsletter (qz.com - I recommend it). Unfortunately, neither are hugely popular news sources in the US (outside of certain circles).

It's definitely been on CNN. The elevators in my building have little TVs playing CNN all day long so I get it in 30 second snippets.

When i posted, i went to the front page of msnbc, cnn, and fox and did ctrl-f ukraine. Fox has something now. Actually on tv is probably different.

Wow, that's pretty shocking. It's HUGE news in Europe.

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