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Introducing Thumbprick [video] (thumbprick.com)
20 points by mtgentry on Jan 22, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 43 comments

OP: I think this is great. I've been looking for something lightweight that will keep my bookmarks better grouped and organized almost like an enhanced bookmarks bar without cluttering me with features. At first glance this seems like a real solution to that problem, and it seems to do it with good design in mind. I signed up and I'm going to give it an honest try before making any judgments on it.

HN: the negativity in this thread should be embarrassing.

You think the name will turn people off? Who cares. It's not your product, and no one is polling you for your opinion.

You think it's another bookmark synchronization tool? So what. Everything is just another something.

You think there is zero info on the homepage? Wrong. Theres a video that tells you exactly what the product offers in under a minute.

You think that 95% of the time went into the video? You have no support for this claim. It's a beta anyway.

None of these comments are constructive and it seems to me that they are only offered as a way for the poster to satisfy some self-aggrandizing superiority complex. Keep that garbage on reddit.

OP, don't let these comments discourage you. You may be onto something here.

You know, its better for the OP to get a train of all the possibly negative things that (s)he can get here on HN which might be helpful in making the product better. At the very least, it will make him/her well prepared to answer such questions when asked by others. So while I agree that many here may have a "self-aggrandizing superiority complex", that may not be such a bad thing.

"Theres a video that tells you exactly what the product offers in under a minute."

and a single sentence would have taken 5 seconds. the video is extremely light on content, not even screenshots, but cartoonish nonsense.

This looks pretty cool, I'm a happy Pinboard user but my bookmarks toolbar is still full of stuff I want to check later on but don't want clutter up my Pinboard with. I was able to sign up and install the Chrome extension, but clicking the extension's button on my toolbar does nothing. No login dialog or anything, nothing at all happens. Then I tried to see if I could play with the web interface, but there's no link to login on the home page. So I went to the signup page, guessed the login URL from there, and was finally able to log in. The interface is nice, if a little finicky. Deleting items and collections is not intuitive, overriding right-click in a web app is awkward. There's also no hover indicator when you're dragging a link onto a collection, so if you miss somehow Chrome redirects the tab to the URL you just dropped onto the page. These problems aside, I like the idea behind it and I hope you keep plugging away at it.

Yeah sorry about that, it is a little buggy! After installing, just go to google, then click on the icon in your browser bar and it should work.

The notion of "clutter[ing] up my Pinboard" is interesting to me. Thanks to searching and tagging, I'm quite happy to toss anything into Pinboard if I might want to find it again. I don't even use my browser's bookmarks.

(I actually use Pocket for things I want to check on later... everything in Pocket also gets added to Pinboard)

If you can't or don't want to watch the video, Thumprick is a browser bookmarking service like Google bookmarks or pinboard.in.

Tag line: "Thumbprick: A Better way to bookmark"

This is a beautiful, visionary optimization of something that desperately needs work. Bookmarks are a hilariously shitty way of organizing knowledge, and without them, you only have information.

Yet. The problems addressed aren't the problems I have.

I'm wondering what kind of UX research was done putting this together. To me it looks like the research was hyper-focused, and didn't give the subjects enough scope to ask questions or bend the research away from optimization of kinetics and ask about their deeper goals, and this has inflected the goals of the product itself. I think this happens often in UX research, as well as psychology and sociology. (The three are related.)

For example. "Subject files bookmarks 0.5% faster" is not an interesting goal, but it is very easy to measure, which is why UX research often degenerates into wild local minima chases.

It feels good to get technical on a problem with a nice clean metric, it feels disciplined to value gains measured in a single percent or less. It feels like progress. But it can be little more than a distraction if there are bigger gains left on the table; worthy goals passed over because of the difficulty characterizing them and hence of evaluating the outcome of an attempt to achieve them.

To me, this is a shining example of how you can do everything right and still get it not quite right. That's the sort of thing that tells you your theory of how something works (UX innovation, in this case) can come apart from practice.

We sense this as an absence of insight, like the creator of the software didn't quite understand how we want to be with it.

That said, thumbprick shows promise, and insight is overrated. This is a near miss that could easily become a hit, check back soon.

Thanks for your thoughtful feedback!

I like this, but would love it if it would just take all the bookmarks i currently have synced in my Chrome and let me manage it that way. Will be watching this product for its future updates.

Invite code for my HN friends: unicorn

Awesome - thanks will checkout!


Regardless of the product itself, I think the name alone is going to turn people off.

Not wanting to watch the video, I was initially thinking this was some kind of diabetes management service based on the name.

A fair point. In my excitement of finding an available domain, perhaps I tried to force the name :P

I have "cocks" as part of my name. This can cause havoc with some electronic systems (a Google page wouldn't allow me to submit feedback because my Google account has "cocks" in it. A weird bit of suboptimality) so have you considered the fact that some sub-optimal systems will hinder your product?

I assumed it had something to do with diabetes -- an online glucose tracker, for example. The fact that it was invite-only made me think "oh, they're trying to create a community for diabetics."

It looks good, though. I'll check it out shortly.

Wow - this looks really really awesome - I've been looking for the ideal bookmark management tool for what seems like forever but nothing seems to feel quite right - from what I've seen so far this looks to hit closest to the mark for me - great work!

Any idea when beta invites might start going out? Chomping at the bit to give it a try!

EDIT: Just saw the invite code below - thanks!

Nice video!

Seems quite similar to the Tab Groups feature in Firefox[1]. Is it the reason Firefox is not supported yet? Could you point out the pros of Thumbprick, compared to Firefox Tab Groups?

[1] https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/tab-groups-organize-tab...

Whoa... I've seen minimalist product pages before, but I think this one takes the cake.

A nice focused product, targeting a problem that every browser user has. The question is how big a problem is this? It would be great if it can analyze the links and mine some value out of it

Zero info on homepage = not interested.

In their defense, it's a fantastic video.

But yes, at LEAST show the tagline prominently on the page, and preferably have an elevator pitch right there too. You have 2 seconds to tell people what you do and why they should care. Don't waste it with "Here's a video, we're in beta, invite only, have a good day!"

Worse yet, the "about" link shows a drawing of a bike and a windmill. Not very useful.

Yep - seriously guys, use the front page to shove in my face what it's all about.

I gave the front page a 2 sec scan and then you lost me.

PS: As a T2 diabetic, the site/product name had me half expecting to be visiting a site for managing blood glucose records.

Agreed, I have neither the sound nor the time to listen and watch a video.

Why force it to sync to the cloud?

Not sure i wan't to exchange my private bookmark collection with a cloud i know nothing about, without any privacy terms or even company information.

So it's another bookmark synchronization tool? Looking at the page it seems like firefox isn't supported, and neither is (shudder) IE. Not that that last one is much of a loss, but lack of support for Firefox basically makes this dead to me. There's also the issue of support for mobile browsers which is pretty important (and probably the hardest problem to deal with).

I see no reason to move away from OneTab as a way to manage my huge backlog of links, as well as a few starred and/or named 'groups'.

That said, I really like the presentation and Thumbprick seems like a nice idea. I just don't see the need right now. Anything that is more important than what I use OneTab for, I store in Notational Velocity.

Maybe look into OneTab for some extra inspiration?

I really like the minimalist design and I would totally use this but for some reason, I'm unable to drag links into collections on Chrome. I drag the link into the collection and I get redirected back to the original page but nothing ever gets added.

Also, I would love a way to easily delete or move multiple links at once.

It seems that 95% of the time was spent in making the video rather than building the product.

Neat idea. Couple of comments: 1) Maybe include some text to go with the video on the landing page. 2) The name made me think of a glucometer, not bookmarks. JS.

Oh, the whole page is a flash video and I have no idea what this might be or why it would be worth my time to allow flash block to play it?


The about page doesn’t show anything either.

Off topic question here - what software is made to make videos like the one featured on thumbprick.com homepage?

not op but I'd venture to guess after effects/flash for the 2d bits (it's what I'd use). It'll be impossible to tell without the creator though, there's loads of software for animating 2d graphics.

Thanks for your response, it was what I was looking for. I wasn't looking for the program for that specific video, just simply how these 2D videos were made.

I can totally see this helping me with my 2,618 bookmarks and currently 313 open tabs....

you really need to change the name - not sure about here in the US, but anything with "prick" in it to any english schoolboy is giggle-worthy.

I think some in the US might laugh at "prick" by itself but "thumb prick" would be fine.

I liked it at first, but it seems like too early beta,

- I cannot log in trough the extensions (on website it works fine)

- Font rendering of Chrome on windows is really crummy for custom fonts. Bug [1]. You can fix it by doing some custom font-face config [2] Screenshot [3] (Check the "C" contour)

- You are missing side padding on your input elements, and it is driving me nuts.

[1] https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=137692

[2] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10953037/google-webfonts-...

[3] http://i.imgur.com/VuLQwE4.png

Horrible name for this type of product.

That being said, the ONE feature I want from a "better bookmark manager" is some sort of natural language processing feature. I want the manager to scan the page in question, add the relevant tags, and categorize it AUTOMATICALLY. This is the one killer feature that would actually get me to pay real money to support the product.

All of these alternate bookmark managers seem to only be unique in the UI, not in the backend. Syncing across multiple-browsers is commonplace, and nowadays a given. Give me something to really make my life easier, such as automatic categorization.

I want this because I have upwards of 200-500 bookmarks at any given moment that are not categorized. The all sit in one giant list. I like to hit Ctrl-D and save. Later, when I get the time, usually on weekends, I'll try to go through the list and categorize and add tags. I like the way Chrome and Firefox's interface for bookmarks work, I don't want to change them. I would like however an end to the tedium of actually figuring out where a particular URL sits in my mind-map.

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