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It depends what their goal is. Most of them seem initially to have the goal of improving the startup scene in a particular region. But, as they then discover, there's nothing regional about the seed funding business. Founders come from all over, and leave afterwards for wherever they get more funding.

The way to help a region is to be the place where they get more funding. I tried a thought experiment about that (http://paulgraham.com/maybe.html). The problem is, it would cost a lot more.

In that essay (and I think, in other places) you've mentioned Wufoo as being a very unique and exceptional case - what, besides being based in Tampa, is so unique about them? I've never met the founders, so this isn't meant as a challenge, just curiousity.

There are a couple things. One is how tight the founders are. Two of them are brothers, and the third guy is almost a third brother. So they trust one another totally.

The other distinctive thing about them is how committed they are. You can see it in everything from the design of their site to their reputation for customer service. They would be aghast at the thought of doing something in a half-assed way.

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