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  well guess what, every tactic that can be used to create
  good SEO can be used in the wrong hands for 'bad' SEO
I would suggest that if you're coming up with 'tactics' for SEO you're already on the road to bad SEO.

optimise your search engine placement by, huh, here's a novel idea - having original, good quality content. everything else is secondary. gaming the system is an arms race and not a long-term win.

"I would suggest that if you're coming up with 'tactics' for SEO you're already on the road to bad SEO."

I would disagree. If you are constructing your site with NO regard to how Google and other search engines would index the content, you're just throwing money away on web development.

If you are not following proper canonical procedures, not giving each page title a unique and descriptive text, and not using rich snippets, you deserve your low search rankings.

There is such a thing as good SEO. It's just being smart and letting people find your page. Just like Disney is as concerned with how people get to their theme park as their experience inside.

You need links as well. "Sure, but good content will naturally be linked to", but then ask yourself, when was the last time you gave something you liked a dofollow link on your blog? And even if you did, you maybe gave one link for every 100 you enjoyed but didn't.

People very rarely link to things these days, and the big guys will pay people to provide links. Guest blogging was previously the ethical way to get those links until people started abusing it.

The model is outdated, most links are now shared in closed networks which will happily nofollow everything.

Also depending on your niche many of your users may have never actually placed a link anywhere before (outside of a closed network sharing a link)

I'm in a niche where 99% of the content is on forums and no-follow, and the big blogs typically don't link to each other, unless it's a guest post.

How the devil are you supposed to get followed links? Not every niche is like tech, where a vibrant news and user community blogs and links to other sites.

To their credit, Google does seem to be figuring out that my site is worthwhile, despite the very small amount of inbound, followed links I have.

> having original, good quality content

Ok, so once you have that, what then? What you suggest is not a magical panacea.

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