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Google doesn't own the internet so it's unfair that they get to decide whether or not a concept like guest blogging should or shouldn't be allowed.

You can still guest post. Google just won't be ranking it for SEO. True guest posting is valuable regardless of SEO. You should be targeting the web site's users, not Google.

> Google just won't be ranking it for SEO.

Ah I mistakenly remember a similar post by Matt saying there would be penalization for that.

If you nofollow the links you won't be penalized.

Google owns Google. Feel free to keep guest blogging in spammy ways and working with Yahoo and Bing (or AOL or all the other search engines that show up at conferences). Still, it is a bit sad that this will discourage some of the extremely high quality guest posts that I've seen founders and experts contribute recently.

> Feel free to keep guest blogging in spammy ways...

Make assumptions much? I don't guest blog, I'm merely asking a question.

Sorry, that wasn't directed specifically at you, just at the idea that Google owns the internet. They don't claim to, and if you find it unfair, there are other search networks that you can use.

Indeed. Also an apology for being overly defensive ;)

I don't see any question.

Have to agree, don't see any question either. Do see a statement though.

They own Google search. Bloggers can decide if that means they own the internet.

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