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Hi again, fun to see our conversation from 5 years back pop up here! Thanks for sharing your story :-)

(For my part, my PhD already derailed most of my Cython efforts, and now I've started in a startup too, so chances are I won't be involved again for the foreseeable future. But Robert and Stefan are still at it as they were back then, and there's been some new ones coming too.)

Hey Hi and nice to see you in here! :)

And this makes my day!

What a nice moment, isn't it? And checking you back in HN after 5 long years! Robert and Stefan, the guys behind Cython; admired them a lot for this day & for the places Cython has reached.

Also will never never forget the fact that - you reviewed my first Patch, that was 5yrs back! Cython 0.1 version :-) <Big smile>

And this makes my day! Thanks.

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