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Stack Exchange tag correlations (clipperhouse.github.io)
32 points by mwsherman on Jan 20, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

How do I correlate questions tagged "go"?

Should be good now: http://clipperhouse.github.io/stack-correlation/#stackoverfl... (may need to clear cache)

Interesting. What about including a second column showing the back correlation? An example: 'WPF' appears 6% of the time for 'C#' questions, while 46% of 'WPF' questions include the 'C#' tag. Would be interesting use this to identify ontological hierarchy trends.

FWIW, doesn't seem to allow me to look at the tag 'r'.

While I won't argue that R is an awful name for a programming language, it's a legitimate tag: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/r

Thanks, this should be resolved (after GitHub’s cache clears). I was returning a limited # of results, and both R and Go ranked low enough not to appear.

http://clipperhouse.github.io/stack-correlation/#stackoverfl... is an interesting result to me at least.

If you're also interested in the correlation between Twitter hashtags, we show those on http://hashtagify.me - in a visual way; a table is coming soon.

Huh, C++ apparently not correlated much with anything.

very nice! might want to remove api_key from source though :)

Thanks! The key is not private, it‘s simply a ‘favor’ to the API to identify where the requests are coming from. The app gets a higher rate limit in exchange for registering.

Still, it means that someone else can copy your API key and abuse the API on your behalf.

I don't think so. Stack Exchange checks the referer header.

Which can also be spoofed.

This is a client JS API key. If you want to spoof the referer you have to hack into all users of the web page and change the referer header their browser sends. And for what? Makes no sense.

Fwiw, the author of the API is a co-worker and I checked with him first, he says it’s all fine. Or put another way, if it’s not fine I’ll hear about it. :)

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