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Simplenote (daringfireball.net)
32 points by barredo on July 16, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

Classic iphone marketing strategy: make something Gruber likes.

I'd be really interested to see what this article did for their sales.

Well, DF linked to my latest app Boxcar (http://boxcar.io) today, which does push notifications for Twitter @mentions and DMs.

As far as what it did for sales with just that short little blurb? Awesome. That's what it did. :)

I can post actual growth percentages tomorrow once I have confirmed the data from Apple vs. my own analytics. It certainly made my day!

Great app, btw. Just bought Boxcar. I wonder what a HN mention will do to your stats?

Is support for multiple accounts on the roadmap?

It is - very soon. v1.1 was submitted last Monday evening, which includes support for Twitterfon, Twittelator and Twinkle. Plus a small bug fix.

Multiple accounts will most likely make it into v1.2, as long as Apple doesn't surprise me and approve v1.1 before this weekend.


(and, thanks for buying it :)

Yes, please post those numbers tomorrow. I'd be very interested to see them. Also, congrats!

How do your own analytics work?

>> User.count >= XYZ

... no, really. :)

In order to poll Twitter, each device registers itself on our server. Passes in the oauth token etc. So I can keep a consistent watch on things server side, but actually verify the legitimate sales (vs. pirated copies) the next day, once the daily reports are available.

I read the article, looked around their site, and bought the app. All in 5-10 minutes.

Evernote works great. It syncs to a web client which then syncs to native clients which are available on Mac, iPhone, and Windows.

Not as fast as Simplenote appears to be, but excellent nonetheless. Has saved me in a datacenter without my laptop many a time.


I'll second that. It is more feature-rich than simplenote, which I prefer: voice notes, pictures notes, etc. There is also a plugin for Firefox extension for grabbing clips. I (and several of my friends) are very happy customers.

The demo looks neat - http://www.simplenoteapp.com/

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