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>When folks tell me "I'll do anything" I'm left wondering.

Not everyone is a delicate little flower that requires every aspect of his environment to be perfect in order to come to work, bust his ass, and keep a smile on his face.

Some people love to program and don't really care where they do it or in what language. Sure, there are languages that hn loves to hate, but in every such case, I'd bet that there's someone out there that's a better programmer than you that fucking loves it. To be clear, that's a statement about diversity in opinion, not an attack on your skills.

Other perfectly talented people have a hard time finding a job and just want a chance to show someone what they can do. This is the situation that a lot of people just starting out are in, but there are also experienced people who for whatever reason, struggle to find employment.

Not sure if you have experienced unemployment, but its terrifying. It shouldn't come as a surprise that people put survival above finding a perfect job.

People shouldn't default to the assumption that people who have a hard time finding work must somehow be defective.

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