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Nmap 5.00 Released - biggest release since 1997 (nmap.org)
110 points by keyist on July 16, 2009 | hide | past | favorite | 16 comments

I love how they just casually mention that they've been scanning the entire internet. It makes sense to me from a technical perspective, but quantifying the internet is still a pretty amazing thought in my mind.

Back when nmap first came out I used it to do something somewhat similar though on a much smaller scale. I was 15 or so and I did zone transfers on all the name servers listed in the file on Arins ftp site than scanned all the addresses I got back using nmap.

It was pretty interesting the results I got back though I had to stop when I was about 80% through the list as a sysadmin in California complained to my ISP and I was threatened with disconnection.

Lua embedded inside Nmap? That looks like fun:


It's a scripting/extension language first and foremost.

Monotone (one of the DVCSs that inspired git) is scripted in Lua, too.

Of special note, Nmap 5.00 is now able to map IP addresses to AS numbers: "The script works by sending DNS TXT queries to a DNS server which in turn queries a third-party service provided by Team Cymru (team-cymru.org) using an in-addr.arpa style zone set up especially for use by Nmap.

The responses to these queries contain both Origin and Peer ASNs and their descriptions, displayed along with the BGP Prefix and Country Code."


i _love_ ncat. been using nc for a while, but is shows its age. now i can ncat away over ssl. awesome.

check out socat too

Whoa, cool! Brings back memories from my IT admin internship days! I last used Nmap back in early 2000's after one of the programmers recommended it to me.

Time to scan ports for the hell of it! ;-)

The network diff feature looks especially useful.


How is this not hacker news? Nmap is the port scanner / network security audit tool that everyone uses. It's a tested and true, classic piece of software.



And the person I was responding to deleted his/her post.

We have just posted the first review of Nmap 5.0, enjoy.


link bait, useless.

Why do you call this link bait?

It's basically the press release with a few extra lines, no real review or content.

We were honored to be given a pre-released copy of Nmap 5.0 by the inventor, Fyodor, and wrote a review based on first hand experience.

We should all do our part to promote open source tools, each in our own constructive way.

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