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Honestly, probably Java or C#.

If you just want a job - any job - maybe. The vast majority of Java/C# jobs though are poor quality as far as dev jobs go, since the vast majority are enterprise-y positions. Most of them treat software as a cost center instead of a competitive advantage.

I would personally argue for mobile (iOS/ObjC and/or Android/Java) and/or Ruby/Rails and/or Javascript. Plenty of demand, better paying, higher quality.

Some would argue the average enterprise job is more stable - as someone who started out in C# in big corps, that was not my experience. What I would agree with is that enterprise jobs are generally less demanding, and that enterprise jobs are available in more places.

Here in the Vancouver area, definitely C# (and ASP.net for that matter.) I assume it's bleedover from being so close to Redmond, and probably also affects Seattle.

I checked out your site. I see you're a writer. So am I!

How is the job market for entry-level web developers in Vancouver? I studied literature and philosophy at UBC but I'm looking into transitioning into web development.

I moved to Los Angeles two years ago from there, but I will be moving back. It seems like there are more opportunities for entry level web devs in LA than in Vancouver.

I've been focusing more on JS, Python, Ruby, PHP and MySQL, but your comment caught my eye.

Thanks for any info!

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