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I have had some luck finding part time work over the HN monthly freelance thread and through developer email lists (NYC.rb specifically). In the case of the email list it was as easy as sending an email to the list describing myself and my past experience and saying I was looking for part time work. A handful of people reached out to me.

If you have a minute, could you go into a little more detail about finding developer e-mail lists? Not sure what you mean here.


Looking through my email now it looks like most of the lists I'm subscribed to are through meetups on meetup.com. I'm a member of a number of meetups that are related to technology I use (e.g. Ruby, Javascript), or topics I'm interested in (e.g. data journalism, I'm a member of Hacks & Hackers). I receive either the emails in real time or as a daily digest. I have only turned to those lists once looking for work and it was a big success.

Do you mean the regular meetup.com mailing list for NYC.rb or something else?

The regular meetup.com mailing list for NYC.rb

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