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What percentage of people who don't own a TV, like to tell you at every single opportunity that they don't own a TV.

May I politely tell you to "bog off"?

I've never blogged about this change in my TV owning situation, and never bored anyone with it. It occurred to me that I was probably not alone and having been hassled by the TV licensing people in the UK because they don't seem to believe me, I wondered how many other people don't have a working TV.

I'm not here to be holier-than-thou about it. But if you want an argument then, how about "what percentage of people who have a TV, get all defensive when they discover someone who doesn't have one?"

I think there's been a large 'elitist' movement last few years on the web. People suggesting that anyone who even owns a TV is a mindless drone. The funny/ironic thing is that often the people suggesting this are the same people who mindlessly sit in front of twitter/reddit etc watching rubbish all day. How this is any better is anyones guess.

I'd be interested in TV owning situation for those with kids though. Not having a TV when you have kids is borderline abuse IMHO. Kids should have some exposure to popular culture, and be able to talk about the same stuff as their peers.

It's like some people who use adblock though. They just love to tell you at absolutely every single moment that they "see no ads!", I guess because it makes them feel clever.

Not having a TV when you have kids is borderline abuse IMHO.

For me, having a TV at home when I was a kid was borderline abuse. I've considered it the idiot box for as long as I can remember myself, which would be since about three years old.

When I first moved away from my parents to live with my then-GF, she kinda wanted a TV but I firmly said no.

I've never had my own TV and never will.

I can't stand being in the same room with a running TV. I always ask to mute it at least; if that isn't possible, I leave the room or cover my ears. The issue isn't the noise; it's those horrible fake intonations that everyone uses on TV.

Honestly, I know the reply to this has a valid point about "idiot net", but I feel the same way as you.

Except I grew up with the TV always on, even if no one was watching it, it was running, when I moved out, I avoided cable and TV for a while, too busy really. Now when I visit my parents or my brothers, it drives me up the wall that the TV has to constantly be running.

Come now. Is the internet really all that much better for people? seriously?

You could easily call the internet the 'idiot net'. People under the delusion that their opinion matters, mindlessly posting inane useless comments like this one.

Many of the biggest sites out there serve no real use other than to waste peoples time.

The Web has made me a better programmer, a better musician, a better debater, gave me a better understanding of mathematics, kept my English skills from rusting, and a lot more. Wikipedia or the instructional videos on YouTube are miles above TV in usefulness. Also, TV doesn't enable me to talk with intelligent people across the ocean.

Would you exchange the Web for a TV with 1000 channels?

They serve different purposes. My point was that there's good and bad in everything.

It would be a really hard decision between TV and the web, not sure which I'd choose TBH.

Thanks to the History Channel I know everything there is to know about World War II.

One immediate difference that comes to mind is that the internet is a two-way medium, whereas television is a one-way medium.

That doesn't mean that any given part of the internet will be better, but it does mean that the internet has the potential to be far better.

I think "surfing the net" for hours on end is a step above channel surfing, but still definitely a step below purposeful action on a project you're working on.

Totally Agree. It's Just another level of idiotisam. 90% of the time is wasted on the Net.

Not having a TV when you have kids is borderline abuse IMHO

Then I say, "why would anyone want to force TV on their children", then you say, "I don't want to force it, you're misunderstanding". I feel like we've had this discussion before, you're trolling [1].

Borderline abuse is a serious accusation, but then I'd argue providing a child frequent and regular unrestricted access to TV (or internet) is borderline abuse, so maybe we're even. I don't think you're arguing that, though, I'm just strawmanning. My kids are as involved with pop-culture as any four and three year old should be, TV will never be necessary for that. As they grow TV is going to be less and less relevant (IMHO), so the point will be moot.

Side note, just had a funny conversation with son last night trying to explain what a television station is (he watched "the spongebob movie" on Nick Jr. at the doctor's office), "it's like a website that shows movies all the time, but you can't choose them" was the best I could do.

([1]: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=503251)

"The funny/ironic thing is that often the people suggesting this are the same people who mindlessly sit in front of twitter/reddit etc watching rubbish."

That's me :-)

Slightly off topic now, but doesn't it seem right+proper that you have a TV license if you use BBC iPlayer?

I looked into this carefully. I would need a TV license if I watched programs on the BBC iPlayer at the same time they are broadcast. Currently there is no requirement to have a TV license if you watch iPlayer programs after they are shown.


Yes. Though it would only be legally required for watching a live iPlayer stream. Not quite sure how the dudes in the vans (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NmdUcmLFkw) detect this though.

Haha. I remember my Dad telling me that his Dad would never allow a TV in the house the whole time he was growing up - he used to read the TV listings in Radio Times (UK mag with both TV and radio schedules) so he could talk with his schoolfriends about programmes they'd seen, being too emberassed to admit he didn't own a TV. Whenever someone came to visit, he told them the TV was being repaired.

Apparently soon after he left home at 18, my Grandad then went out and bought a telly, and soon after got the biggest satellite package he could.

Anyway, I don't watch TV - where would I find the time for reddit and StumbleUpon if I did?

Note that people who feel smug about not owning a TV (not saying that you are in this group, but it does exist) are more likely to cast a vote here, skewing the results.

The results so far are almost 60/40, which I find intriguing from a personal point of view because I've never known a single person in real life who didn't own a TV - geeks and otherwise.. correlating somewhat with the "official" figures of 98-99% penetration.

It's not so much as people will tell you at every single opportunity. It's more likely that the person has to explain it so often, since TV comes up in conversations all the time. Have you considered that?


  Tom: "Lost was really cool last night"
  Jerry: "Sorry Tom, didn't see it"
  Tom: "Why? You don't like it?"
  Jerry: "I don't have a TV"
Well... at least in my experience.

Exactly. Moreover, merely saying "I don't own a TV" seems to be considered preaching. I couldn't care less whether anyone else watches television and yet I'm made to feel like I just announced I was the second coming.

My GF seems to have the same experience being a vegetarian. I'm not preaching by living differently.

Yep, that's me. I have a tv and watch it about four times a year. We host a superbowl party, and usually there are three other events that we end up catching, such as an election or inauguration.

And if it isn't Lost, it is West Wing or (yikes) Nip and Tuck.

I remember reading some guy's blog entry where he cuttingly remarked that he used to not watch TV, but that he spent so much time smugly telling other people that he didn't watch TV that it took less time to actually just watch the damn TV :-)

Enough, as this article about Area Man demonstrates: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/28694

I own a really nice 55" 1080p TV, cable, and a DVR. However, the last time I turned it on was 3 weeks ago to play though the force unleashed. As a teen I used to watch TV all the time, but I ended up not having a TV for ~2 years and found it freeing. I think breaking the cycle of boredom = time for TV has value. But, so does watching the Olympics in all it's HDTV goodness.

How often would anyone who does something really unusual (and not having a TV is still highly unusual) tell you they do?

Were it not for cable, I would probably have no TV here except, perhaps, one to plug the computer in to watch a movie.

What percentage of people who don't own a TV, like to tell you at every single opportunity that they don't own a TV.

Probably not that high of a percentage. However, one is more likely to notice the people who don't own a TV and are vocal about it.

I like chocolate ice cream so I can tell you that I like chocolate ice cream at every single opportunity. Obviously. Not because chocolate ice cream tastes good -- that couldn't possibly be it.

What percentage of firefox users like to tell you at every single opportunity they don't use IE?

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