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Help design the future of banking at Standard Treasury (YC S13)
on Jan 16, 2014 | hide
Job Description

We're seeking a designer who is passionate about creating elegant web interfaces to simplify complicated underlying platforms. You will be responsible for designing and prototyping the frontend and user interface for all aspects of multiple co-branded and white-labeled banking platforms for some of the world’s largest financial institutions. We care deeply about having the best developer experience possible, and our frontend is just as important as the API itself. You will be responsible for incorporating the visual identities and branding guidelines of multiple banks into your designs and mocks for developer portals, API docs, dashboards, management consoles, example apps, marketing materials, and more.

Great candidates should be comfortable incorporating analytics, user research, A/B testing, and their own intuition and creativity to create delightful experiences across all of our partners’ white-label or co-branded platform experiences. You should also be capable of collaborating with people across the spectrum from platform engineers to nontechnical banking partners in designing new features and enhancing the user experience. Being able to build working prototypes of your designs is a big plus.


-Empathy with developers. Passion for creating a superlative developer experience down to every last detail.

-Opinionated intuition around usability, with excellent communication skills to explain your decisions.

-Experience leading an iterative design process incorporating partner feedback, user research, A/B testing, and rapid launches to test your hypotheses.

-Always working to improve yourself and constructively support the team around you.

-Bonus: enough frontend engineering experience to build working prototypes of your designs.

-Bonus: experience conducting usability studies.

About Standard Treasury

Standard Treasury helps bank harness the power of developers and developer ecosystems. We are building white-labeled and co-branded RESTful API platforms for commercial banks (e.g., api.[bank].com, developers.[bank].com, and appstore.[bank].com). Our platforms will enable bank customers to automate their financial back offices, as well as for app developers to integrate financial information and products directly into their apps in novel ways never before possible.

Last year, bank technology vendors made over $63 billion a year selling bank software. Most of our competitors were spun out of banks decades ago. We bring the Silicon Valley mindset of creativity, great technology, and willingness to challenge the status quo to this massive industry. A modern, technology-forward, API-driven approach can consume much of the market.

We are a small team based in San Francisco and are looking for the right people to join us. Our team has previously worked at Facebook, Stripe, Disqus, Microsoft, and more. We are fortunate to be backed by Y Combinator, several large venture firms, and many well-known angel investors in our quest to remake financial technology.

Compensation and Perks

You can expect

Great benefits. Medical, vision, and dental insurance for you and your dependents.

Great comp. Salary and equity. We know some people have a greater risk appetite than others and we’re interested in finding the right balance for you.

Great perks. Free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, snacks, a stocked fridge, laundry service, gym membership, Clipper card, and house cleaning.

Great flexibility. Flexible hours, open vacation policy, paid maternity/paternity.

Great tools. Build your ideal workstations so you can have the tools you want and need. Buy the books you need or want on Amazon. Need a Kindle for your commute — get it. The corporate Amex can be used for all expenses under a standard of trust & reasonableness.

Standard Treasury's Values

Excellence. We are building a team of great women and men who work hard, have a passion for perfection, and don’t tolerate bullshit.

Candor. We practice internal transparency and are candid about our finances, business development, and planning processes.

Quality. We build bank software -- our motto is more “slow and steady wins the race” than “move fast and break things”. Our critical technical values are security, reliability, consistency, maintainability, and craftsmanship. We emphasize tremendous attention to detail and build software that lasts.

Collaboration. We use Phabricator and support each other with code reviews. We have a healthy culture of debate without argumentation.

Entrepreneurship. We encourage people to set their own direction. We are looking for senior engineers who can lead product decisions. All engineers are able to suggest, research, and lead architectural changes, contribute to and suggest revisions to our roadmap, and create new coding guidelines and have them be enforced.

Email us at hiring@standardtreasury.com

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