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Yea, there are tons of ideas around this. Things like rate limiting, templates for all kinds of CMS, plenty of VMOD ideas, etc. Hopefully we get there :)

(Now I see why you liked vagent2 so much. Nice work!)

I have to agree on this point.

The Varnish Ecosystem is quite large and the software has been used for many years to solve lots of different problems in many different environments, with many frameworks and stacks.

The closest to a multiple solution VCL library is this: * https://github.com/mattiasgeniar/varnish-3.0-configuration-t...

There is already a lot to play with. This and other solutions and Varnish Cache extensions are listed on the VMODs and Utilities directories: * http://varnish.org/vmods * http://varnish.org/utilities

Make sure to add SimpleScale to the list (an publish screenshots if you have any). If it gains traction, it can be a valuable tool for many users.

Ha thanks Ruben. I just published it to the utilities page, cheers.

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