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With YesGraph, Finding Tech Talent Is As Easy As Using Tinder (fastcompany.com)
15 points by ivankirigin on Jan 15, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

At least for finding developers, referrals from employees and trusted friends tend to be one of the most consistently accurate signals of a quality candidate.

It looks like YesGraph is solving a serious pain point in what should be a lucrative market. Hiring can be one of the toughest parts of growing a successful company—it's pretty surprising there aren't more products like this out there in widespread use yet.

Why will this work better than the usual 2-10k referral bonus that most companies pay to employees?

Bonuses and yesgraph aren't mutually exclusive. Also cash turns out to not be the best incentive. Kudos for example work better.

Another thought - enabling referral payments to non employees (employees of other companies) could be an interesting business model. Friends looking for new opportunities don't always match your current company.

This is actually how yesgraph works. You invite your team to make recommendations. You can invite domain experts, investors, advisors too. Each looks at their own network. It's hiring as a team sport.

Looks cool. Browsing the referral market quickly and easily (a la Tinder) is a big step up from the disjointed asks made by most companies.

In a similar vein, I started Mighty Spring (https://www.mightyspring.com). Candidates get a discrete Tinder-like experience for browsing jobs, while companies browse anonymous candidate profiles and request interviews. Anonymity helps passive people use the service without getting spammed by recruiters and protects employed peoples' current work interests.

In private beta, but expediting invites to the HN crowd. Let us know what you think!

Sign in with Facebook.... instead of Github?

Agreed - major cognitive disconnect there. Preferred identity providers, if any, should be ('GitHub', 'Stack', 'Twitter') followed by None (i.e. independent / paranoid). FB tends to have vibe ranging from "Meh" to worse among most developers I know (who don't actually work for FB).

Definitely not a place I'd think to go looking for available talent, in any case.

Coming soon! We aren't focused on engineers only. There are many social networks that have your contacts and profile information.

Congrats Ivan!


btw HN, AMA

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