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Tried to install, got an error, looked at the stack trace and saw this:

    at module.exports (C:\[snip]\npm\node_modules\awesomebox\node_modules\awesomebox-core\__trojan__\horse.js:15:10)
What. The. Fuck.

Could not possibly uninstall fast enough. Running antivirus ASAP

I promise this isn't a trojan horse! Trojan is actually an npm module that allows you to compile down nodejs code so that you can package it all as a single downloadable.

Check out trojan here: https://github.com/mattinsler/trojan

This helps with managing download times for all the transpiling code that we use for things like coffeescript and less and ejs.

At the time I wrote this module I thought it'd be funny to name one of the files horse to continue the joke. Definitely time to change that filename. =-)

I'd be happy to walk you through how all the code works if you're interested.

Matt, you have two problems here I think you need to fix:

1. Your "trojan horse" name for that packager - has two connotations for me, neither of them good. Why not just call it what it is.

2. Your product name. I really couldn't recommend your product to anyone doing serious work for my company or my clients. The whole "awesome" and "ninja" vocabulary thing is grating, is done to death, I am sick of hearing it. My advice is to pick a better name if you want to attract anything more than tyre kickers.

Pretty sure you put a lot of time an effort into this, don't blow it with stuff like this.

Also, all of the code for Awesomebox is completely open source. Please check it out if you'd like.

The CLI client is here: https://github.com/awesomebox/awesomebox

The rendering core is here: https://github.com/awesomebox/awesomebox-core

Also, lots of the modules used in both the CLI and backend of the product are available here: https://github.com/mattinsler?tab=repositories

ok, looked through the code, sorry to be alarming. maybe funny to you, but a tad frightening to someone not familiar with "trojaning" in node. also, not to be that guy, but naming files for jokes may seem funny at the time, but it only causes headaches down the road when you're looking for the file that does something and it's named after that thing you thought was funny when you named it.

You're absolutely right. I completely didn't think ahead with that project. I've actually had feedback from people who want to use it that I should change the whole project name too. Was just never sure of what exactly to call it.

You should never have run "Trojan Horse.exe"

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