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Think of Awesomebox like a versioned CDN - you can push any HTML, CSS or JS, and then invite anyone to view, comment and annotate it.

It's different from a widget in that Awesomebox gives you infinite staging environments - if you push 10 different ideas, and then invite a few people, they can easily switch between different versions without you having to manage multiple servers. In our experience, this is really important when working through new ideas or designs with clients or managers.

Does that help answer your question? Happy to explain more if not.

Got you. That does help a bit. I do think there is something interesting here. Today I spent time reviewing and commenting on the interface screens of an OpenID implementation currently in development. I wonder if there is some sort of proxy or browser extension you could employ to capture the HTML state of dynamically generated content. For us, this portion of the site never went through a static mockup phase.

That's a great example - we're certainly thinking about how to balance the power of static assets, which let us display a few different versions, versus supporting generated content from web servers like Rails or Django, where we can only display what's on your server.

Really, really appreciate the feedback!

This is pretty much what http://bugherd.com does. It has accompanying browser extensions that embed reporting functionality directly into a live website and automatically capture browser data and even screenshots when an issue is reported.

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