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I have flux on my desktop, but I'll be looking for a filter for my iphone. (Edit: I like the orange glasses idea better.)

Here's what I do: an alarm goes off at 10:30pm and I take melatonin. If I actually shun devices, I can eventually sleep. But my brain is curious and wants to browse. I try to tell myself that I can in the morning. That sometimes works.

Lately I've been tracking my sleep with "sleep time". I also have a folder of sleeping and hypnosis apps that I cycle through. They talk me through relaxing muscles, calming my thoughts, deep breathing, binaral beats... I've sleeped better lately and actually look forward to it some.

Also exercise seems to help, if I do. (Edit: I'm enjoying the other tips here, thanks.)

When I was following the starting strength program I was asleep before my head hit the pillow - if you're thinking about following a heavy weight, compound exercise program this is one of the nice benefits. A 2 times body weight dead lift is a very effective way of feeling exhausted.

I can vouch for deadlifts putting you to sleep as that is part of my regular routine. 30-40 reps of Turkish Get-ups at 25% of your body weight is also very effective.


I do the same thing: I have a sleep alarm, instead of a wake alarm. When the alarm goes off, I take 1mg melatonin. [1] About an hour later, I naturally want to sleep. Otherwise, I'll end up phase-shifting once again.

[1]: http://www.gwern.net/Melatonin

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