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I'm asleep in about 10 minutes and so can you: - no computer, tablet, tv 60 minutes before the bed.. - no lights in the bedroom - breath-in & breath-out while counting from 100 to 1


> and so can you

Well, thanks for the suggestion, but it's certainly not for everyone.

<rant> Sometimes my sleep-awake schedule breaks and it's a PITA.

I can lie for hours in a almost complete darkness, counting breaths/sheeps/listening to rain outside/etc and still not falling asleep for a single bit. Melatonin doesn't do much; haven't tried anything else. Then, when it's a day already, nor willpower, nor direct sunlight, nor coffee is not enough to keep me awake for a long time - usually I can't stay until evening. Let me lay for a minute and I'll be asleep even if the sun's shining right onto my closed eyes.

The only way for me to fix my schedule seems to gradually shift sleep times by several hours (i.e. go to sleep at 10:00 [a.m.], then 13:00 then 15:00 and so on) until I'm again falling asleep in the late evening and waking up at morning. Then I'd have to do my best to not break the schedule again, i.e. not fall asleep too early and not stay up for too late. </rant>

What happens if I don't fall asleep at 0? Will I die? Will I get a BSOD?

You carry on into negatives. Eventually you'll get to -32,768, and then you can start again from 32,767 - assuming you have a 16 bit brain that is. God help you if yours is 32 bit.

You enter negative integer land. Assuming you started at binary twos complement +4 you've only got five counts to decide on register width before 1111 1111 then 1111 1110 etc

Personally I'd start at a bigger number like decimal 127 aka 0111 1111

you wrap around to 100 and start again. Hopefully, this endless loop with help you fall asleep. :-)


What, you couldn't afford sheep? What is America coming to?

That might work for you, but it's not a real solution for many of us with diagnosed sleep disorders.

But it's easy to try, free, and does not require python3

If you have a diagnosed sleep disorder, shouldn't you be getting advice from a doctor, rather than the internet? I think it was pretty clear that the commenter was giving advice to the majority of people who have not been diagnosed with a sleep disorder.

I find that counting in 1s a touch too easy for my brain to not have other thoughts going on as well - counting up in 2s is just tricky enough that it takes nearly all the available fast thinking but no so much that I can't fall asleep - generally I'm asleep by 300

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