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Theoretically I'm having around 500 CPUs with 3gHz each and 2000GB RAM at my disposal. Maybe I should give it a try. Hint: University Cluster =)

Anyway thanks for the code examples, I'm pretty sure I can learn something from them.

500 cores gives you no really higher chance of getting a good combination over someone with one PC.

Yes you get 500 times the attempts in the 30hr period. But if you run the figures it's something like 0.00000001% difference in the amount of keyspace you can cover :)

AKA just run it on a couple of PC's an hope you get lucky!


I have an account on this: http://www.cse.illinois.edu/turing/

Had very similar thinking, but decided against it because of usage policies. :-p


Apparently, I am not the only one who is into using the university cluster for my own personal projects ;-)

Be careful. This is not "exactly" legal, and it could hurt you. Make sure you also throw some legitimate computational work at the clusters so you have an alibi at least.


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