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I've started mine in erlang. I'm going to run 10 dollars worth of ec2 time and see how far I get.

I've got mine in C. I probably won't run it, just wrote it for fun. Honestly, if you were thinking of spending a cent on this competition, I think you'd get a better ROI buying a SuperLOTTO ticket.

Lotto tickets aren't nearly as much fun as coding, so what's another 10 bucks.

Personally I'd run through a thousand bucks of computer time to play around with something or test a hunch before considering a lotto ticket.

Lotto tickets are taxes for people that are not good in mathematics.

or they just play for fun

Alas, being good in mathematics spoils the fun.

Well, keep in mind that you only have to have the best score out of all the entrants, so your odds aren't that bad.

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