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Html5 Image Glitcher (github.com)
22 points by fatiherikli 1287 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite

Here's another image glitcher that was on HN recently with more settings. Pretty neat concept.


Yea, I was going to post that. The extra settings are great and a demo like this really needs to start with an example photo. Direct link: http://snorpey.github.io/jpg-glitch/

If you like this sort of thing, check out http://reddit.com/r/glitch_art/

Another amazing glitch art tool: http://larixk.nl/experiments/sort/

Does anyone know of any good resources for approximating more (for want of a better term) analog glitch effects in code? The VHS and slitscan presets in Glitché[0] got me wondering how one might go about producing the kinds of effects/artifacts commonly seen in scanography[1][2] and VHS manipulation[3][4].

[0] http://www.glitche.com

[1] http://instagram.com/p/i9wPGQGrkO/

[2] http://www.scannography.org/artists/Standke-Jens.html

[3] https://www.google.com/search?q=glitch+vhs&safe=off&tbm=isch...

[4] http://rob-sheridan.com/analog/one.html

Suing you for not being Accessible...jk, but you should add a button to upload, drag and drop doesn't work for everyone.

Does not work in Firefox 26 on Windows. Drag and Drop works fine, glitching the image produces no result.

Doesn't appear to work at all on Safari 7.0.1 - drag and drop works, but the image just goes away and nothing happens once you click the "Glitch" button.

I noticed. I will work on this issue.

Drag&drop isn't working on Mac Chrome.

Works for me (OS X 10.9, latest Chrome), but the "glitching" removes the bottom 75% of the image and only seems to manipulate the top portion.

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