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The book that got me hooked on computers many years ago: "Soul Of A New Machine" http://www.amazon.com/The-Soul-A-New-Machine/dp/0316491977

Still one of the best books out there about getting a product out the door. (Showstopper--about the development of Windows NT--is another.) Of course, I may be biased :-) I worked at Data General for about 13 years. I started a few years after the events of the book but knew many of the people portrayed in it, including Tom West.

Haven't read it (still on my shelf), but have you had a chance to read Dreaming in Code? That's the book I would describe as "the best book about getting a product out the door", or not, in this particular case.

I haven't. From the description I'm guessing I would like it. Onto the wishlist :-) Thanks.

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