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LiteCoin Payment API (liteapi.org)
33 points by ctrl 1375 days ago | hide | past | web | 15 comments | favorite

PHP example should sanitize params

It is acceptable as it shows how it works only. Not a production code.

I have mixed feelings about this, but my gut reaction is that it's not acceptable. Mainly because inexperienced programmers tend to cobble together functional apps by leaning heavily on example code, and don't know that those examples have dangerous security issues.

Indeed. I've seen security advisories posted that hinge on people copying the "not for production" example code.

Thats an excellent point. (Speaking from being an experienced inexperienced programmer.)

I worked with someone on a Lisp project that monitors the bitcoin blockchain for new transactions, coins sent and confirmations. It could be converted into a type of address monitoring service for multiple blockchains - just needs work, but it's a solid piece of software.

I paid and worked on its development a few months ago, and have since stopped paying for hosting. But it's all there ready to go. I wasn't into altcoins at that point, but I can see a future in it now. It was called donebit.

I wonder why coinbase and coinkite don't implement an API like this.


I think it will become a reality once LTC is added to Gox.

Gox is a follower in the BTC market now that it takes forever to get USD out. BTC-e looks like its traders move the market and Gox just follows, especially at times of high volume.

Seems you could use APIs like this to make your own exchange.

Use this to build Litecoin shopping carts. Pretty cool!

can you post a php example with sanitized params? https://github.com/earonesty/liteapi ... easy enough to pull the change.

great to see, digital currencies need each other.

who will step up next? Namecoin? Dogecoin?

Dogecoin already has Dogeapi.com and similar. And since DOGE is a fork of Litecoin, it should be trivial to use this code with DOGE if the authors wanted to.

something also being built presently at http://addressmonitor.com/ but for multiple blockchains.

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