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Irish here. We mark things based on a percentages, and it would be rare to give someone very high marks (like 95%+). Then again our pass rate is 40%, and 85%+ is an A, so it could be scaled down. I think the USA uses different scales.

What happens to the 60% who fail? Do they retake the class or drop out and look for a job?

The grandparent means 'passing grade', not 'pass rate'.

Yes. Perhaps a dialect difference. We'd say "pass rate" to mean "get less than this and you fail, more and you pass". We don't tend to use the word "grade" here for results in tests, to my ears it sounds very Amercian. ☺ We'd say "mark".

Thanks! I couldn't quite wrap my mind around a school with 60% per-period attrition.

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