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Eric Marshall 'Disturbed' by Dismantling of Namesake Science Library (thetyee.ca)
27 points by nkurz 1258 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

The Canadian government has been closing libararies and destroying books all over Canada this past year. Relevant article: <http://bit.ly/1a04oY5>

That article you cite is just citing this article...

No, it cites a different Tyee article :) <http://bit.ly/1idMZgQ>, as well as a couple of other Techdirt posts.

The term "culling" is chilling when use by those in power. I've formerly only heard it used in context by some as a term for forced reduction of human population.

This is what happens to libraries that are under the direct administration of governments. This is certainly a form of editorial control and censorship. Libraries, like the media, courts, and universities should be separated, independently run and administered from government.

Is this a larger pattern of the 'dumbing down' of Canada? Closing local hospitals and libraries is not the sign of a thriving, intellectual society.

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