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It's kind of weird that they want their comment to be at the top, but the only thing they say in their comment is that they want it to be at the top. You'd think if they were looking for exposure, they'd use the exposure to do something other than talking about how they wanted exposure.

Haha, funny thing: I've seen comments greetings their loved ones. Like it's on TV and their relatives are watching it :)

You got it. My mother made $27,177 last month just sitting at home answering the phone.


I think the First Post meme has a bit of orthogonal justification to it, though: that if you spend the time to write something other than "first post," someone else will have beaten you to posting by writing less.


I didn't even know that was ALLOWED on Hacker News! All this time I've been going back to SlashDot when I needed to post that, and I could have been claiming first posts here.

I suspect it's not normally allowed or encouraged, but I think it is uniquely relevant and appropriate in this case.

I wasn't seriously suggesting otherwise ... It was supposed to be funny (and to subtly make the point that we really don't want that here).

This seems like a great channel for spammers, but I suppose Apple/Google would permanently ban the user's account quickly.

In a mass used platform a single user should never be able to receive 100% visibility by a simple action.

you've clearly never used slashdot (:

Are you joking or are you really this naive?

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