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I am Turkish, I live in the US and run a startup. I conducted a small experiment (n=3) among my cousins living in Turkey aged 8-14: They don't understand that 3rd parties make these apps not tied to the device; and they definitely don't understand that the rating (in general) would impact someone making this app financially. Huh.

I don't think this phenomenon has much to do with user misconceptions, it's more of a meme that has spread to many Turkish users, e.g. do a search on "gozuksun diye 1 yildiz verdim" (gave 1 star so my comment is seen) or the eksisozluk link in my comment below.

Why do you think this is more prevalent in Turkey than in other countries? Is there something unique about Turkish culture that would cause this misunderstanding or misprioritization?

>> "Why do you think this is more prevalent in Turkey than in other countries?"

If you're referencing the fact that they don't understand the apps are made by third parties it isn't limited to turkey. I'm an iOS developer and the number of people that think I 'work for Apple' is incredible.

One of my older relatives thinks I work "for the internet".

A master of the web. A webmaster.

I suspect the misconceptions are wider spread than Turkey, though the meme of giving one star reviews to be "at the top" has yet to spread.

Hopefully this article, and others like it, do not give the meme a bump up across the language barrier.

Just to be clear, are you saying that they think Google makes all the apps in Google Play?

Sadly, I've heard that many non-tech-savvy people in the US believe Apple makes all the apps in the AppStore. "Oh you make iPhone apps? How do you like working at Apple?!!"

As a child my father had a laptop with OS/2 on it, and on the laptop was an OS/2 sticker. So for me my father's laptop and OS/2 were interchangeable, even synonym. Then one time he showed me a bunch of floppy disks and tried to explain, that those floppies are OS/2 ;-)

It's so sad when people are that stupid :(.

So you say that you asked a bunch of questions to a couple kids and concluded that the whole population of Turkey are idiots? Let me tell you, your cousin's reactions are quite expected, but I doubt yours are.


He simply provided a data point, mentioned the sample size, and indicated their responses surprised him. There is no generalization, nothing indicating the conclusion of the sorts you mention. I'm baffled by your interpretation of his comment. "concluded that the whole population of Turkey are idiots?" What makes you think that?

Before you get all uppity about the scientific method, I suggest you read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumping_to_conclusions

Even without the context of my comment, this still makes a great read. Thank you. BTW, I have to admit that I have misinterpreted the comment, my apologies.

" your cousin's reactions are quite expected,"


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