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Author here. Yeah, the readme is meant to scare off people. Even with it I still get people on IRC or email asking me if they can play game X or where they can get a copy. The note about no downloads is for all those who download 360 emulators from shady YouTube links and such - there's a surprising number of fakes packed with malware and viruses floating around.

Status of the project is that it's coming along well, after a long period of inactivity. Many games get to title screens though don't draw much. I'm really hoping AMD gets its shit together and releases Mantle soon, as that will make emulating the GPU related things significantly easier.

How many C&D have you gotten from Microsoft's well funded lawyers yet?

Hopefully you are not in US but they are pretty embedded in every country at this point.

Totally off-topic, but I think that's a pretty cool name. I've been looking to marine life for name inspiration myself.

I was just looking at the readme and it says R9 cards and up are required for mantle. Mantle only requires a GCN card and HD 77xx-79xx work fine.

A little bit OOT, why do you use .jp for the domain?

All the other TLDs (xenia.com, etc) are squatted/taken. And .jp is cool :)

Interestingly, Xenia is a brand of Daihatsu car. At least in Indonesia. http://www.daihatsu.co.id/products/highlight/xenia

Maybe upload some screenshots, or videos?

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