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Here's a comment which suggests that at least some of them are thinking 1 star is the best:

Kubilay Tekin: I hadn't gave 1 star just because I want my comment gets shown on top, I actually think that the game is aweful aqws.w.wew..ws

(I've seen this phenomenon before - there are quite a few who associate 1 with first place, hence surveys and such often have the [1 = worst, 10 = best] next to each "rate xxx on a scale of 1 to 10")

I don't think that's what that comment suggests. The commenter is acknowledging that some people give one star just to have their comment seen, even though they think it's a good app, but that he personally is giving one star because he thought it was indeed awful.

I saw it as that he is giving 1 star because he wants the comment to be seen, but actually thinks it was awful (implying that he wouldn't give 1 if it wasn't awful). Either way the grammar certainly taxed my parser...

You misread that. It says "I hadn't gave 1 star just because I want my comment gets shown on top"

He is saying he hasnt only given 1 start to be at the top, he actually does think the app is terrible

What? No, it doesn't suggest that at all. The reviewer actually writes that he thinks it's awful and that he would have given it 1 even though he didn't want his comment to be on top.

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